bakugan zythurvia zero or zexo zolar, has a name change, we will stick with zythurvia zero Created by me. please enjoy

intro tino: its been a rough day but as i go outside some cards come flying down they seem interesting but they are bakugan cards mysterious bakugan from another planet need are help so lets do this!

Episode 1: Dimenson Breakthrough

tino: * battleing lucas,* woohoo! i won lucas: next time your going down, spiraldor: nice job zexodor, zexodor: you too spiral. jake: guys zythurvia is attacking! *zenthia is zythurvia* Zulex: hey, hey, lets brawl ill take on some fools! nate: go aquanoid! an: reportin for duty zulex: go crystalstar! zulex: *uses staff *staffs will summon zexton for the zexians* go diamolode! zulex: ability! diamond crush! aquanoid: dive twister! zulex: hmm, ability activate! crystal growth! aquanoid: ahh!!! its going to shock me! jake: go brakinoid! uses bakuzex, *used to use zexton, etc* go ripclaw! brak: sandy claws! crystalstar: sand wont stop me! jewel emplode! jakes life force 40 percent crystalstar: now you aquanoid! emerald gazer!

  • shoots aquanoid*

nates life force 60 jake,nate: aww. *making a plan* jake,nate,zulex: bakugan brawl! jake,nate use bakuzex go zexton! claw destroyer!

cyber slash!

crystalstar: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh crystalstar: shiny... DEATH! aquanoid,brakinoid: ughhh its so strong..... Claw Gigaratic! Maxor pumule! zulex life force 0 percent zulex: ill get my revenge!

  • end

tina: hey! we enter the brawler double tournament and find out sunex and gulex is in it so we take are strength and try to defeat them! i need your help zexria, bakugan brawl!

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