chapter 5: zythurvia vs cerosia

zytragicus: zero agicus! aquanoid: cyber Rip! zytragicus: fools! a meta weapon will beat me! zytragicus: exodus Blast! aquanoid gos into ball

zytragicus: hehehe!

zextria: bolt flare!

zytragicus: raaaaaaa! exodus Zaiyn!

zextria: mega Flare!

zytagicus: zero down!

zextria: hyper arrow!

zytragicus: zexo destroyer!

zexodor: guns edge!

jake: rip earth breakor!

zexodor: hyper gun cannon!

zexodor: what the.. i feel strange... i never used this ablity... even though i used gun cannon.

zytragicus: enough! Zero Rejunca!

zexodor: mega warrior shield!

zexodor: again... another new ability.. could this be that im... EVOLVING?

zytragicus: time for a finale! perish end!

zexodor: uhhhhhh! whaaaaaaat?

  • zexodor power surge*

zexodor: waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

tino: what?? you evolved?? into...

Superior zexodor!!

???: here brawlers take this power! from the cerosians!

zextria: im now Sun Zextria!

brakinoid: im smash brakinoid!

altezoon: im cosmic altezoon!

spiraldor: im Quadraldor!

aquanoid: im Bubble aquanoid!

zytragicus: evolved???????

aquanoid: beam delta wave!

quadraldor: maxus overheat!

brakinoid: ultimate smasher!

altezoon: cosmic neo!

zextria: ultraon Boltria!

zexodor: minus Shaker!

zexodor: everyone combind powers!

zexodor: what?? i have more power????

???: i am ceron the light of cerosia i give you my strength too!


zytragicus: ultimate power? silent perish wavzor!!!!

zytragicus: grrrrrrrrrr!..!!

zexodor: tino!

tino: its time..

all brawlers: fusion ability! Exodus!!

zexodor: Infinity Revolution exodus!!!

tino: lets end this! Ultimate ability!

zexodor: exodus ultimora!!!

zytragicus: silent Chaotic Phanto waver!

zytragicus: hyper silent chaotic phanto wavear!

zexodor: noo! final Xia!

zytragicus: nooooo0o00000!!!! cant control! im not going to win!! noooooo!!! ahhhhhh!.!.!!!

zexo: what??? well not enough! im still going to cerosia! and you cant stop me! *teleports*

tino: lets do this! this will be the finale! to stop the zextals forever! and the shadowreavers and zexo!

all: lets go

  • end

tino: we made it to cerosia but the final battle concludes, we must stop zaros before its too late! lets do this!

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