chapter 4: palace attack!: part 2: major danger!

zexo: prepare yourselfs! zexonoid: bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!.! tino: woah! zexonoid: *slashs claw at zexodor which is in bakugan form* zexodor: superior circle! zexonoid: go zexo Zolar!!!!!!!!! zytragicus: finally ultimate POWER!!.!!.!.!.!!.!!.!! zytragicus: i have combined! now come shadowreavers!!! srs: yes master. zytragicus: destroy earth! and cerosia! sr: *grabs chaostaffs* zytragicus: bwahahahaaha! zexo: now humans will become shadowreavers! including cerosians! mwahahaa! spiraldor: tri agis! zytragicus: *gets hurt* hmm! zolar down! spiraldor: triacular shield! zytragicus: evil breaker! spiraldor: my shield! zytragicus: shadow Zero!

  • spiraldor gos into ball*

zytragicus: any more? bwahahaha!

  • end of part 2

in part 3:tino: now that zexonoid is now zytragicus! he needs to be taken down! all of us strike in the battle of our lives! and we must survive! be there! watch as we take down evil!!

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