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Power 1,000 G
BakuNano BakuNano::{{{bakunano}}}]]
Mobile Assault Mobile Assault::{{{mobile assault}}}
Bakugan Trap Bakugan Trap::{{{bakugan trap}}}
BakuSteel Trap BakuSteel Trap::{{{bakusteel trap}}}
Battle Suit Battle Suit::{{{battle suit}}}
Variations Storm-Striker Zeus
First appearance Bakugan Battle Dimensions Episode 2

Zeus is a swift, humanoid, bird-like Bakugan debuting in Bakugan Battle Dimensions. A God Bakugan, Shun Kazami has a Ventus Zeus as his Guardian Bakugan. Pyrus, Darkus, and Haos varieties also were released in the game.

In the AnimeEdit

Bakugan Battle DimensionsEdit

Zeus first appeared to Shun in a vision, and through this vision transported the recently crowned Master Ninja to his location. Shun didn't trust Zeus at first, learning of the Bakugan's unique past. He was also forced to use Ventus Zeus in a battle against Dismal Ancient Caspian Torrent and his Aquos Typhon. During the battle, Zeus and Shun learned to depend upon one another, Caspian defeated and Zeus becoming Shun's Guardian Bakugan from that point onward.



Real ModeEdit

Sphere ModeEdit

In the GameEdit

While the only Zeus appearing in the Anime is of the Ventus attribute, they were also released as Pyrus, Darkus, and Haos Bakugan.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Lightning Wing Deity - Opponent -200 G's. Zeus G-Power doubled +200 G's from opponent
  • Clear Sky - Opponent Gate and Ability Cards nullified, all Ability and Gate cards restored
  • Feathers Of The Ozone - Opponent -500 G's. -10 G's each turn for five turns after the innitial attack



  • Zeus receives his name from the Greek god of the sky of the same name.

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