"I am but a mortal who loves and desires to be loved in return.

However, as someone who knows no stranger to hatred."

- Father

Yuri D Izayavitch [Russian: Юрий D Изаявич], more commonly known as "Father," is the Supreme Leader of the Order of Grammaton.

Father of the Grammaton


Yuri D Izayavitch
ユウリ D イザヤヤチ
Yuuri D Izayabicchi
26 (Mission Grammaton Season 1)

27 (Mission Grammaton Season 2)

29 (Dimensional Defenders)
Supreme Leader of the Order of Grammaton; Businessman and Major Shareholder of the Marukura Group
Guardian Bakugan
Aethereal Kain

Background StoryEdit

Yuri is a half-Russian and Japanese Brawler from Earth that descended from the arcane line of the legendary Merlin. As such, he possesses innate magic powers that he fears the most whenever it awakens.

His father (Izaya Romanov) is a Russian nobleman and his mother (Otonashi Shizuka) is a Japanese woman whose a wealthy business partner of the Marukura Group. He is left with an insanely huge amount of inheritance which he mainly uses to fund the BakuEnergy project that was left to him by his predecessor, Dr. Antheus Michaels. He is also known in the business world as one of the major shareholders in the Marukura Group.

To the chosen few, known as the "Order of Grammaton," he is the Supreme Leader whom they affectionately call as "Father." It is the duty of each and everyone in the Order of Grammaton to keep "Father's" true identity as a secret.
Devil Yuri

The Black Devil

However, despite leading a feared organization, "Father" is not the type to Brawl in the front lines. "Father" prefers to watch the Brawlers from a comfortable distance wherein he silently records the start and end of their journeys. Through this, he was able to recruit the five Brawlers that would compose of the Grammaton. He simply lets each and every member of the Grammaton fulfill their own goals. With this, he is described by Genesis as a man who stands in between good and evil; life and death and the gray area in the constantly-conflicting moral standpoints. This personal hobby also earned him the nickname "Count of Saint Germain" to the Brawlers that are unaware of his identity as the "Father" of the Grammaton.

Bakugan: Dimensional DefendersEdit

Yuri, the Black Devil, was sent to a coma following his fierce battle against Protheus Michaels, the latter having ended his own life. Before the cataclysmic battle, however, he gave Volt Luster a confidential three-Canto letter detailing his plans after his death or whatever happens to him after facing the White Devil.

During those two years of Yuri being in coma; the Fatherhood of the Grammaton was relegated to Lync Volan while Hydron Celeste was recruited as a replacement for Protheus. Jules Liger, unable to take the possible leadership of Lync, had resigned from the Grammaton and Mylene Farrow was recruited in his place.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He notably has a child-like personality, youthful tone of voice and informal sense of style. These evident traits, however, might be a diversionary tactic for Brawlers to think of him as a weakling.

Simple things are known catch his fancy. Slinkies, Rubik Cubes and "Magic" Eight Balls are part of his personal possessions. He would evaluate the members of the Grammaton by asking them to describe the said things.

His usual clothing style mirrors that of "boy band members" (according to Dan) on Earth. His legs are bound by several belts so he cannot walk while wearing his regular outfit. Instead, he floats above the ground.

Slumbook EntryEdit

Full name: Yuri Otonashi Izayavitch

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthdate: January 28

Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russia; Earth

Hobbies: Composing Piano pieces (mostly horrific in nature)

Likes: Unique toys, Belts

Dislikes: Being left alone

Favorite Food: Tira Misu

Favorite Flower: Lilies

Favorite Music Instrument: Piano

Brawling RecordEdit

Mission Grammaton Season One

Opponent Outcome
vs Shun Kazami (Chanbara Taylean) Win


- Yuri's middle name signifies two things: the eponymous "Will of D" from "One Piece" and High Magus Dallas from Tri-Ace's Valkyrie Profile series. More particularly the latter since despite the "Father's" aversive and child-like nature, he is STILL the Supreme Leader of the Grammaton and had been holding the position for the past two decades.

- His given name "Yuri" is a name that is both Japanese and Russian, perfectly to denote his dual nationality. Yuri is Lily in Japanese, a flower that greatly describes this man and George in Russian, a powerful name.

- His family name means "Son of Izaya" in Russian though Yuri himself does not stomp on cellphones or boyfriends.

The Order of Grammaton

Yuri D Izayavitch (Darkus)

Leader's Guardian Bakugan
Aethereal Kain 

Brawling Operatives
Chryslar Zeit (Pyrus) | Jules Liger (Aquos) | Rengoku Houran (Ventus) 
Protheus Michaels (Subterra) | Volt Luster (Haos) | Marduk Kreig (Darkus)

Brawling Operatives' Guardian Bakugan
Hellfire Thanatos | Aphrodite Milos | Gale Fuujin
Magna Brontes | Crusader Abel | n/a

Other Members
Mizuhiro Mikado (Subterra)

Other Members' Guardian Bakugan

Temporary / Former Members
Shun Kazami (Ventus) | Masquerade (Darkus) | Genesis Wright (Haos)

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