Yayoi Lowenthal [弥生 ロヘンタル (Yayoi Rohentaru)] is the Aquos Brawler for Team Lilium in Dimensional Defenders. Her Guardian Bakugan is a sea serpent called Scylla.

Aquos Brawler of Team Lilium

Yayoi Lowenthal

Yayoi Higashijujo Lowenthal
弥生 東十条 ロヘンタル
Yayoi Higashijujo Rohentaru
18 (Dimensional Defenders)
Member of Team Lilium and Owner of a Konpeito and Japanese Sweets Factory
Guardian Bakugan

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Yayoi's parents died of an accident and they left her with a huge fortune, part of which is a huge confectioneries factory called "Higurashi Amai" that manufactures Japanese sweets. Swearing vengeance on the culprit which she believes to be Kleinn Bravier; she tried to join Team Lilium. She was accepted into the team because she bribed the team leader with a year's supply of their famous Konpeito.

Appearance and Personality

Yayoi (full name Yayoi Higashijujo Lowenthal [弥生 東十条 ロヘンタル]) is a half-American and half-Japanese young woman.

She is made to look like a female counterpart of Dallas' sealed form or a normal female teenager although this is a guise she puts up for people not to see her true nature as a fierce and ruthless brawler with unhealthy obsessions for Boy's Love media. She, however is very polite as she refers to everyone in the story with Japanese honorifics even though she's already on her way to crush them or humiliate them.

Her nearest counterpart in Mission Grammaton is Annisa Fedorova although Annisa is moreover a Smut or Shojo romance lover.


- Yayoi means "March" in Archaic Japanese Calendars but it could also denote Yaoi (Boy's Love).
- Lowenthal is an uncommon family name just like Petronijevic.

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