Hello Guys, Its Skawo1 So this is my new 3 Part trilogy and a big movie project. I'm working hard on this so please enjoy!


•Yakuros: the protagonist. He is the light god of vestroia. And the guardian of the Spirit Orb

•Yin: A Mysterious Boy who has a twin and he is refered to have a great personality

•Yao: Yins twin. He is smart and doesn't really have a similarity to yin just they look alike

•Zaros: The antagonist. He is the dark god and is very evil, he is the guardian of the chaos orb.

Indigo: The Main Character. He now is called the chosen one. And he gets visions since then. He is helped by yin and Yao.


Darkelious [Pronounced Dark-Kel-E-Us], Zaro's Bakugan

Holyrus: Yakuro's Bakugan

Alteon: Indigo's bakugan

Deltrok: Yins Bakugan, Also it is a real bakugan that is currently unreleased. I found it and I called it that name. Idk what bakugan it is. It has 2 wings on each side So yeah. And it has red eyes. (Found In febuary at target in wave 1 mechtogan pack)

Cerolion: Yaos Bakugan. And it is a flying dragon like lion bakugan.


Part TitlesEdit

Yakuros And The Spirit Attributes Part 1: The Darkness Rises

Yakuros and the spirit attributes part 2: The War Of Worlds

Yakuros and the spirit attributes part 3: Fate Of Vestroia


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