Whitestorm is a Haos Vita Cleric created by Aniju.

These Clerics are formed within the Vita Chamber from the memories of Pop Culture Enthusiasts. Thus, they resemble anime, manga or game characters. However, Aniju started to make her own becasue none of the current Vita Clerics were animals, Yuri allowed her to do so. The Vita Clerics Aniju makes are from books or TVs that contain various animals. Whitestorm is from the popular novel Warriors by Erin Hunter.


Whitestorm is laid back and calm as any cat would be. Super supportive and loyal, Whitestorm is always ready to help those in need. Clever and quick to think, he offent gives his opinion or advice on situations. Whitestorm acts as the peace keeper among the Clerics.


Whitestorm is a long-hari pure white cat with yellow eyes. Aniju places amaro out his neck and legs so he would looklike the Warrior he is.


Whitestorm came into existance after Aniju took a DNA sample from Izaya and made her first Cleric, choose her favorite Warrior. Aniju values loyality above most other traits. Yuri offered Whitestorm, his parent Izaya's job, so Aniju let Whitestorm live with the other Clerics so he would learn how they work, in order to teach later Clerics Aniju makes. Whitestorm being the first Vita Cleric she made, he acts a mentor to the other Clerics who come later, Buck, Dusk etc...etc...

Aniju learns how to use her Clerics in a better way usuful to her, beised their ability to orginize books. Whitestorm take the top right position on Aniju's tentacle. Aniju puts all six main Attribute Clerics in her tentacles' mouths and gains the abilities of the six Attributes.


  • Whitestorm was the first Vita Cleric that Aniju created.
  • Whitestorm may become Davey's Bakugan for the time being.
  • There are two Whitestorms, the one in SpiritClan was the person that the Cleric was based after.


Aniju Aura

Izaya (Vita Cleric)

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