Vince is the subterrea brawler for Jasper's team and his Guardian Bakugan is Baldersnatch.


Nothing ever seems to phaze Vince, and lives with a "whaterver happens, happens" kind of attitude. people can make mean comments about him and he'll just brush it off, and if he losses he seems to not care. Vince does have a sense of hummor but that only relates in someone else lossing control because they are frustrated. It takes a lot to get a reaction out of him.


Vince has lony jet black hair and rust colored eyes. He is tall and slender and wears a green jacket with zig-zag stripes of purple along the side. On his belt his wears strings of beads, bells and feathers. On his left ear, he has a feather for an earring.

Dimentional TroubleEdit

Vince appeared in Bakugan: dimentional trouble and brawled Jasper for fun. He seemed to know the same song Jasper was sining but their battle was interupted by Vito. Vince gave Dallas and Abel back to Jasper despite Vito's wishes. Vince seems to not like Vito, but he gets along well with the other brawlers. Vince leaves his team's base to go find Jasper, just to tell him about the fact that Danielle has a crush on him. Vince has a lot of respect for Blade and defends him from Danielle when she was angry about losing Leonidas. He also gets along well with Drake and allows him to do most of the brawling, but keeps him out of Danielle's way. After the Jets split up with Vito gone, Vince, Lisani and Drake stayed together however they were forced to fight against Bakugan that Vito had summoned. After Vito was defeated, Vince left along with Lisani and Drake.

Dimesional DefendersEdit

Vince reappeareds in Dimensional Defenders, along side with Lisani and Drake. They joined up with Jasper who had joined DIO's team. Vince listens more to Jasper and Dante than DIO or anyone else in the group. He is ussually seen with Drake and Lisani.


Guardian Bakugan: Baldersnatch


Dust Storm: Subtracts 250 Gs from opponent

Terra Firma: Subtracts 300 HP from opponent

Gaia's Garden: Adds 250 HP to Baldersnatch

Bolder Claw: Subtracts 250 HP from opponent

Sand Hurican: Subtracts 300 Gs from opponent and adds it to Baldersnatch.


  • Vince meets Jasper in Dimentional Trouble, and later joins his team after.
  • Vince is half Native American.
  • Vince likes Blade, Drake and Danielle better then Vito, but keeps it to himself.


Bakugan: dimentional trouble

Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

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