Vexos Dragonoid scanned


Vexos Dragonoid's Pyrus color 2

Vexos Dragonoid is an evil version of Neo Dragonoid. He is Dan's evil Guardian Bakugan. He was killed in the final battle against Infinity Leonidas and Zero. He returns as a spirit and ally of Team Dreamers.


Darkness Wave.

Flaming Burst.

Tail Smash.

Ice Fang.


He first appeared in episode 10 battling Zero and Infinity Leonidas, while Dan continues to upload more power into him, causing Moose to realize that Vexos Dragonoid is crying blood and will soon die a painful death. After a brief struggle with him, Leonidas thinks up a plan: kill Drago before he kills them. Zero and Moose both object, begging for another way. But upon hearing Drago scream in agony, Zero asks what they should do and Leonidas tells them that when the time is right, use a spear called "Eternal Salvation" on the gem embedded in Drago's chest.

After thinking it over, Zero and Moose activate their Google Gloves, summoning Eternal Salvation and Leonidas files into the sky, taunting Drago into flying after him, Leonidas then ambushes Drago and stabs him through the chest, killing him and putting him out of his misery. Dan, however, seeing Drago as a weapon and not as an individual, runs off swearing revenge.

Drago is shown in a brief cameo, thanking Zero and Moose for saving him. He then becomes a spirit guide and serves as a mentor for Leonidas, helping him in the final battle by scaring Dan and reminding him of his abusive treatment towards him and his previous Bakugan. Before passing on into the spirit world, saying goodbye to Team Dreamers, who thank him for all his help and support.


  • He is very violet, subbmisive and cruel, but this is just a facade to please his master, Dan. In reality, Drago is kind, wise and gentle, always filled with the urge to help people and is in Zero's debt.
  • He rarely speaks, except for "Destroy" and "I obey, Master" and his final words "Thank you...I'm finally free from this pain." After his death, he becomes more outspoken.
  • Every time Vexos Dragonoid does something against his will, he starts crying blood.

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