Fractures In
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Destroy Bakugan and take over their planet

The Vexos the main villians in Bakuagn Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. They serve King Zenoheld and theri leader was Spectra but he left the group and it seemed Hydron took over. They are considered the best brawlers in Vestal, and although they are supposed to serve the royal family.

The Vexos are the main enemies of Brawlers and the Resistance led by Mira.

Vexos Memmbers of the ShowEdit

Zenoheld is the leader and the perosn the Vexos serve. He is a Pryus brawler and Guardian Bakugan is Farbros

Hydron is Zenoheld son and the Subterra brawler. His Guardian Bakugan is Dryoid

Mylene is a loyal serves of Zenoheld and is a Aquos brawler. Her Guardian Bakugan was Elico.

Shadow is the crazy Darkus brawler. Guardian Bakugan are Hades and MAC Spider.

Volt is Haos brawler. Guardian Bakugan are [1]Brontes and Boriates.

Lync is the Ventus brawler. Guardian Bakugan are Altair and Aluze.

Spectra was the leader and the Pyrus brawler. Guardian Bakugan is Helios.

Gus was Subterra brawler. Guardian Bakugan is Vulcan.

Professor Clay is the scientist who makes the Vexos Mechinical Bakugan

New MembersEdit

Please List your character and what story they are from. sam anthony vexos i wish to join the vexos cause they r cool even lync spectra or keith clay and hydron and shadow prove

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