I need some where to blot down ideas and some of them I like to know what people think. Mostly for me to remember character or things before they are fully well thought to get a page.

Cleric Vita

Aniju ia making her own. She is making Cleric from popular animal books or TV shows.

Haos: Whitestorm (Warriors) He is a cat. (Draw Whitestorm)

Pyrus: Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)

Ventus: Soren (Guardians) He is an own.

Aquos: Iron Tail (Iron Tail) He's an aligator.

Subterra: Pipkin (Watership Down) He's a rabbit.

Darkus: Dusk (Darkwing) He is a bat. (Former Chiropter)

Icios: Buck (Call of the Wild) He is a dog.

Plant: None

Voltas/Lighten: None (May just be Toblerone)

Plasma: (Maybe)


Attributes I made up. Thinking of some names for a few.

Icios (Ice) Latin for Ice or Frost, Only Aniju's Vita Cleric Bakugan Buck usese this ability, so far.

Plant (Think of name)

Voltas (Lighten)

Sinos (Sound) Latin for sound, only Dante's Bakugan so far uses this ability.

Metal (Think of name)

Time (May or may not)

Glass (Think of name) Solely for only Dante's Bakugan uses this ability.


List of all Bakugan, decide for some what they are.


Dangermouse (Mouse) Belongs to Veda

Jabberwocky (Jabberwocky, dragon) Belongs to Black Jack

Calypso (Kinkaju) Belongs to Sid Vicious

Venda (Red Panda) Belongs to Mary

Gizmo (Cyborg thing) Belongs to Cooper (Think of animal)

Grus (Anteater) Belongs to George

Unnamed (Unknown) Belongs to Davey.

Phoenix (Firebird) UV's Bakugan

Kyuubi (Nine-Tail Fox) Belongs to unknown female character

Jackalope (Rabbit with antlers) Belongs to unknown character

Unnamed (Rooster) Belongs to unnamed character


Shaka Zulu (Mangoose) Belongs to J. Alfred Prufrock (Draw Shaka Zulu)

Sundance (Unknown) Belongs to Gijima (Think of an animal)

Sokubwe (Kangaroo) Belongs to Kangela

Heidi (Numbat) Belongs to Cassidy

Claudandus (White Lion) Belongs to Olly

HP (Unicorn) Belongs to Young

Bubble (Puppy) Davey's Haos Bakugan

Rococo (Peacock) belongs to Kariros

Unnamed (White Zebra) Belongs to unknown


Kakoo (Quetzal) Belongs to Brook

Airwolf (Some kind of winged Wolf bird thing, like Silverbolt) Belongs to Lisani (See it that creature has a name)

Shakti (Unknown) Belongs to Pat (Think of Animal)

Windgat (Winged purple hippo) Belongs to Lisa

Spiderpig (Boar with wings) belongs to Bramley

Samba (Suger Glider) belongs to Moritz

Tazzunin (Feather Lizard) Belongs to Shree.

Zephyr (Dragonfly) Belongs to Rith

Naggapatzi (Feather Serpent) Belongs to Ernesto

Unnamed (Prey-mantis) Belongs to unnamed character


Mansoon Moon (Platypus) Belongs to Diana

Panama (Otter) Belongs to Cody

Khoi Khoi (Koi) Belongs to Izzy

Taphin (Cat/Fish) Belongs to Dylan (A cross between a cat and a fish, not the fish called catfish)

Labiathon (Coelacanth) Belongs to Mia Moya

Leviathan (Sea Serpent Fish) Belongs to Treva


Balrog (Meerkat) Belongs to Bree

Baldersnatch (Echina) Belongs to Vince

Paymister (Armordillo) Belongs to Finn MacCool (Draw Paymister)

Ndebele (Kiwi) Belongs to Butch

Rozza (Wild Dog) beongs to Adhuil (Can changes Attributes Pyrus and Darkus)

Behemoth (Rhino) Belongs to Ewok


Ectorius (Bat) Belongs to Banshee

Mungallchops (Hyena) Belongs to Jasper

Romulus and Remus (Two headed Rat) Belongs to Monkulus.

Spofi (Raccoon) Belongs to Kine

Lucifer (Zombie) belongs to Kaluha

Unknown (Unknown) belongs to Mange. (Think of name and Animal)

Diablo (Tasmanian-Devil) Belongs to Deigo


Toblerone (Eel) Belongs to Slasho (Draw Toblerone)

No Specific Attribute

Demono (Demon) Belongs to Aniju Aura (All Attributes and them some) (Draw Demono again)

Popkat (Angel) Belongs to Dante. Resembles a winged cat. (Sinos, Haos, Ventus, Pyrus and Subterra) (Draw Popkat)

Nimphis (Lemur) Belongs to Sparta

Unnamed (Echidna) Belongs to Igraine

Dualin (Dragon) belongs to Creed (Darkus and Pyrus)

Mechanical Bakugan

Sidewinder (Machine Serpent) Belongs to Raj

Unanamed (Stegosaurs) belongs to unknown


Characters that are not Bakugan.

No Specific Attribute

Aniju (Aura) (Draw Aniju with Dante)

Dante (Unknown race) (Draw Dante, in human form)

Davey (Beagle/shape-shifter) (Haos and Pyrus)

Sparta (Human) (White One)

Igraine (Neathian) Now has had some gene splicing

Creed (Darkus and Pyrus)

Hazel (Unknown)


Cooper (Robot)

Sid Vicious (Klimatjie) (Draw Sid Vicious)

Veda (Gundalian)

Black Jack (Unknown) Undecided race

Mary (Undecided race)

George (Ukirian)

UV (Genedicly altered) Doesn't live on any of the Bakugan related planets


Lisani (Vestal)

Brook (Unknown) Whatever Dante is

Bramley (Aura) Aniju's cousin

Pat (Undecided race)

Lisa (Ukiria)

Moritz (Human)

Shree (Unknown)

Ernesto (Human)

Rith (Aircorn) Pegasus Unicorn hybred


Mia Moya (Neathian)

Izzy (Vestal)

Diana (Vestal)

Cody (Human)

Dylan (Ukirian)

Treva (Human)


Vince (Human)

Bree (Unknown) Whatever Dante is, race undecided

Finn MacCool (Gundalian)

Butch (Human)

Adhuil (Unknown)

Ewok (Chihuahua)


J. Alfred Prufrock (Vestal)

Gijima (Was supposed to be an AI till Dilan came along, Klimatjie)

Kangela (Neathian)

Cassidy (Human)

Young (Ukirian)

Olly (Unknown) Resembles a sun/sunflower with a smiley face, can shape-shift into a more human form

Kariros (Ukirian)


Jasper (Klimatjie)

Banshee (Phantom)

Kine (Ukirian)

Monkulus (Phantom)

Kaluha (Ukirian)

Mange (Unknown)

Deigo (Unknown)


Slasho (Karaokemon) From Planet Nto


Gemini (Half Bakugan/Human)

Crystal (Half Bakuga/Human/Vestal) Hydron and Gemini's daughter

Mechanical Bakugan

Raj (Cyborg/Indian) Possibly Persian?


Which Characters are in which Teams.

Ivory Team

Ivory is lead by Aniju and Dante.

Aniju Aura (Avatar) Her Guardian Bakugan is Demono, a demon. She is the Alpha and dominant female of the entire Ivory Team. She is Dante's girl friend by this time. She knew most of these characters prior to any Bakugan related adventures.

Dante Royal (Sinos) His Guardian Bakugan is Popkat, an angel cat. He is the dominant male of Ivory and the boyfriend of Aniju. He knew about half of these characters prior to any Bakugan related adventures.

Slasho Saber (Voltus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Toblerone, an eel. She was childhood friend with Aniju.

Cooper (Pyrus) His Guardian Bakugan is Gizmo. He is a robot who met Aniju after the events of Bakugan: New Vestroia but not in a Bakugan related adventure.

Davey (Hoas and Pyrus)

Sid Vicious (Pyrus) Sparta (White One) His Guardian Bakugan is Nimphus, a ring-tailed lemur. He was friends with Dante for years prior to joining in on the Bakugan fun. His Bakugan can have any attribute but is conisdered a White One.

Jasper (Darkus) His Guardian Bakugan is Mungallchops, a hyena. He was supposed to be the leade of this team but is now simply apart of Ivory.

Gijima (Hoas) His Guardian Bakugan is Sundance. He's from Jasper's planet, an orphan he joined the JaXX Tribe where he met Jasper and Sid Vicious.

Vince (Subterra) His Guardian Bakugan is Baldersnatch an echina. He was friends with Lisani prior to Dimentional Trouble.

Lisani (Ventus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Airwolf, a winged wolf. She was friends with Vince prior to Dimentional Trouble.

Veda (Pyrus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Dangermouse, a mouse. She was friends with Lisani and Mia Moya prior to Gundalian/Neathian.

Mia Moya (Aquos) Her Guardian Bakugan is Labiathon, a coelacanth. She was friends with Lisani and Veda prior to the Gundalian/Neathian War.

All the Teams below are apart of this members of the greater team, Ivory.

Umbra Team

No leader has been decided.

Banshee (Darkus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Ectorius, the God Bat Bakugan of the Darkus Attribute. She was captured by a group of scientist who wanted to harness her powers and the power of the God Bakugan. To control her, she was infused with Bree but managed to escape and hide in Interspace. She joined Umbra Team along with Bree where she met J. Alfred, Brook, Maria, Olaf and Hans later on.

Brook (Ventus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Kakoo, a quetzal. She is the twin sister of Bree and she knew J. Alfred prior to Dimensional Defenders. She met Maria, Olaf and Hans in Interspace.

Bree (Subterra) Her Guardian Bakugan is Balrog, a meerkat. She is the twin sister of Brook and she knew J. Alfred prior to Dimensional Defenders. She became infused with Banshee at the hospital but managed to exscape with Banshee. She met Maria, Olaf and Hans in Interspace. she was the second to the last person to join.

J. Alfred (Haos) His Guarian Bakugan is Shaka Zulu, a mangoose with a top hat. He was friends with Brook and Bree when they were younger. He met Maria and Olaf, then later Hans in Interspace.

Plus Hans(Aquos), Maria(Plasma) and Olaf(Pyrus) = TheMoonShard

Mad Geese Team

Treva(Aquos) Her Guardian Bakugan is Leviathan. Ronald(Haos), Vladimir(Ventus), Luca(Subterra), Jeffer(Darkus) and Gin(Pyrus) = TheMoonShard

X-iles Team

Butch (Subterra) His Guardian Bakugan is Ndebele, a kiwi. He is the twin brother of Cassidy and the leader of the X-iles.

Cassidy (Haos) His Guardian Bakugan is Heidi, a numbat. He is the twin brother of Butch and the second in command.

Izzy (Aquos) Her Guardian Bakugan is Khoi Khoi, a Koi fish.

Marry (Pyrus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Venda, a Red Panda also know as a fire cat.

Pat (Ventus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Shakti.

Requires a Darkus Brawler

Sweet Team

Kariros (Haos) His Guardian Bakugan is Rococo, a peacock. He is from Ukiria and knew Kaluha prior to Dimensional Defenders. He met Aniju when she came to his planet and she introduce Kariros and Kaluha to Adhuil. The founded the team, later med Cody, Black Jack and Moritz.

Adhuil (Subterra) Her Guardian Bakugan is Rozza, a wild dog. She met Kariros and Kaluha through Aniju. The three formed the team and later recuited Cody, Black Jack and Moritz.

Kaluha (Darkus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Lucifer, a zombie. He was childhood friends with Kariros. She met Adhuil through Aniju and formed the team. Later Cody, Black Jack and Moritz joined the team.

Cody (Aquos) His Guardian Bakugan is Panama, an otter. He already knew Black Jack, however the two were not friends. He joined the team and suggested they recuit Black Jack.

Black Jack (Pyrus) His Guardian Bakugan is Jabberwocky. He was the second to the last to join thanks to Cody whom he knew prior.

Moritz (Ventus) His Guardian Bakugan is Samba, a Sugar Glider. He was the last person to join the team and the one to name it.

Riff-Raff Team

Finn MacCool (Subterra) His Guardian Bakugan is Paymister, an armadillo. He is kind of the leader even if he doesn't want to be. He's the oldest member in the team to naturally the others value his opinion. He's a Gundalian.

Bramley (Ventus) His Guardian Bakugan Spiderpig, a winged boar. He is Aniju's cousin.

Diana (Aquos) Her Guardian Bakugan is Monsoon Moon. She is a Vestal.

Kangela (Haos) Her Guardian Bakugan is Sokubwe, a kangaroo. She is a Neathian.

Requires Pyrus and Darkus Brawlers.

Teams Not Part of Ivory

Unnamed Team (Creed's Team)

Creed (Darkus and Pyrus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Dualin, a dragon. She is the leader.

Shree (Ventus) His Guardian Bakugan is Tazzunin, a feather lizard.

Mange (Darkus) Her Guardian Bakugan is unknown.

KOE Scientist Team

Kine (Darkus) His Guadian Bakugan is Spofi, a raccon. He is the Head Scientist.

George (Pyrus) His Guardian Bakugan is Grus, an anteater.

Lisa (Ventus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Windgat,a winged purple hippo.

Young (Haos) Her Guardian Bakugan is HP, a Unicorn.

Dylan (Aquos) His Guardian Bakugan is Taphin, a fish like cat.

Requires a Subterra Brawler

Not Part of Any Team

Igraine (Unknown) Her Guardian Bakugan is Moragoose. She is a Neathian who was forus to go through gene splicing and now she is messed up in the head. She may use all the attribudes and have multible Bakugan like Wiseman.

Monkulus (Darkus and Pyrus) Her Guardian Bakugan is Romulus and Remus, two headed rat. She is Banshee;s younger sister. Monkulus usually works with Olly, and can been seen with Igraine but she never joined any particular team.

Olly (Haos) His Guardian Bakugan is Claudandus, The White Lion God Bakugan of Haos. Olly isn't apart of any team but will work for people along with Monkulus. He is sometimes seen with Irgaine.


Character's weapons.

Twin Dragon Blades (Red and Blue Dragon Swords) Belong to Aniju. Has other similar swords, they can talk.

Dawnstar (A large Sword) Belongs to Dante. Resembles Ichijo's from Bleach

Unnamed (Axe) Belongs to Jasper.

Unnamed (Spear) Belongs to Sid Vicious.

Unnamed (Scythe) Belongs to Banshee

Unnamed (Varies Mechetes) Belong to Moritz

Sun Staff (A Stuff with a sun, moon and stars) Belongs to Davey

Thunder Bow (Bow and Arrows) Belongs to Slasho. Arrows made of lighten.

Unnamed (Knife) belongs to Gump, used for Stab-Tag.

This is War

If I ever writh it. The War that took place during Dimentional Trouble. Was based off of real events that happen to me on other Wikias, stolen characters, and a whole lot of lies and crap.


Reworking the Plots

DeathTone Organization

After Kingdom of Echoes, Kine left Xurtron with a group of scientist and formed the DeathTone Organization. He recruited several gifted Brawlers across the Universe as well as Trainers(Pokémon), Bladers(Bey Blade) and Tamers(Digimon) and other races from other planets. Kine’s main goal was to seek knowledge however he allowed his subordinates to seek their own personal goals. The DeathTone Organization started to invade planets taking resources, technology, skills people who could befit the Organization and even captured slaves. Kine’s subordinates started stealing Bakugan to preform experiments on and sometimes even took brawlers not willing to join up with them, for further experiments.

DeathTone was mostly made up of scientist at first but overtime they started recruiting others into their group. A race of humanoid cats joined the Organization to act as thieves stealing Bakugan or whatever they could get their paws on. During invasion of planets these thieves would find and take valuable technology while the other members destroyed any form of rebellion.

DeathTone also recruits strong brawlers with powerful Bakugan that have been modified with their experiments. These Brawlers come from all walks of life and are mainly used as the military force or defense force. Most of these brawlers take it to the next level and were banded from Interspace because of their violent acts. The brawlers such as Diego will causes physical harm to the other brawler in order to distract them long enough for his own Bakugan to force the other into ball form so the thieves could steal it.

Besides the brawler there are also Bladers with modified Beys that are used to harm Bakugan and even brawlers or other Bladers. Their Beys are made of titanium and often conceal a hide dangerous surprise such as a razor saw or blades that were design to cut into the armor of Bakugan. These Beys can kill the other Blader/Brawlers is needed as the DeathTone Scientist enjoy taking apart stolen Beys. Some Brawlers are also Bladers and may have more than one Bey.

DeathTone Members

Kine (Head Scientist and Founder/Leade of DeathTone)


People who only work at sleating

Unnamed Leader


Unnamed Male

Unnamed Female

DeathTone Allies Kim (Leader)

Ralph (One of the Commanders)

Scientist guy (Needs name)

The guy who gets stuck in the void (Needs name) Several other people.

Smaller group that Jasper's kills, there were five.

Things to draw

Remeber to draw these.

Draw Jasper for Dimensional Defenders, also draw his Beast form.

Draw Dante for Dimensional Defenders.

Draw a head shot of Dante.

Draw Aniju again for Kingdom of Echoes.

Draw Yuri sometime in the Future.

Dog Pile: Aniju, Dante, Jasper, Davey, Slasho, Cooper, Yuri, Marduk, Genesis, Jules, Chryslar, Lync, Gerald and maybe DIO.

Draw Bree and Brook. Draw Banshee again, she is fun.

Draw Shaka Zulu, Kakoo, Paymister, Ectoruis, Demono,

Draw Romulus and Remus

Draw Aniju's Vita Clerics.

Draw Gerald Durrell.

Draw Kaluha, Aduil, Rozza Lucifar and Rococo.

Draw Chimeriad.

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