For the time being untill I can think of a proper name, I will learn all my thoughts and ideas on this pages. Last night, well this morning like at 5, I thought of a random story because I was making new Bakugan and shit. I'll write my thoughts down here for now. This story has nothing to do with Christmas even though I though of it on that day. Here is a link to the website Dollmaker where I made the Lunaii pictures.


Name: Chase Valenwood

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Attribute: Haos

Bakugan: March (A lemur samurai thing)

Personality: Chase has always been a popular kid because of his love for sports and his fun-loving personality. Chase is a loyal friends and a caring older brother, eventhough he sometimes picks and jokes with his younger brother. However Chase has a hard time recovering from depression and sometimes he lets his emotion get the best of him.

History: Chase was always popular in school who likes sports and gets good grades in school. He lives with his mother and brother, his father died from cancer a year before the story takes place.

Name: Whitney Shearwater

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Attribute: Aquos

Bakugan: Swiral (Kelpie sea horse thing)

Personality: Whitney is a shy quiet girl, never one to cause trouble. Whitney is smart but she tends to keep her opinions to herself. Whitney doesn't like confrontation so she chooses to flee rather than fight. She had a crush on Chase for sometime but never been able to talk to him.

History: Whitney never likes the spot light in school so she stayed out of clubs and sports. She however liked to draw and write so people would often see her sitting by herself or with her few friends doodling. Whitney has been going to the same school as Chase for years and has developed a crush on him, but then again who hasn't?

Name: Spencer Windhelm

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Attribute: Ventus

Bakugan: Sprix (Queen Bee)

Personality: Spencer has always been an extremely smart kid, he was somewhat considered to be a nerd, however he is down to earth. Spencer is a little fidgety when out of his envioment but he is adaptable.  

History: Being younger than the other kids in the group, he didn't really know them. Despite being a little nerdy, Spencer always had a lot of friends. Spencer enjoys books and card games, as wel as building little mechanical things for fun.

Name: Serelle Firestone

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Attribute: Pyrus

Bakugan: Flux (Human/elk hybrid)

Personality: Serelle comes from a rich family so she is very regal, well mannored and smart girl. She is a deep thinker and always speaks before she talks. Despite being a wealthy girl, Serelle doesn't think the others are below her and in fact she is willing to try new things.

History: Serelle's family hail from India, her mother and father were both very wealthy so Serelle has always gotten anything she wanted, except for companionship. Serelle always done well in school however because of her wealth and beauty, she isn't popular among the other girls at school.

Name: Tres Rockshatter

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Attribute: Subterra

Bakugan: Terran (Echina upper body and Serpent like body)

Personality: Tres is a little headstrong and stubborn at times but he is an all around good guy. Tres is a little bit of a dare devil and enjoys speech and excitment. Sometimes Tres lets his pride cloud his judgement. Tres is a hands on kind of guy, he doesn't put too much thought before he acts.

History: Tres receaved the Subterra Attribute because of his love for natural and the great outdoors. Tres likes to go camping, hiking and dirt-bike riding. His family own a ranch so he is used to being around animals and knows a lot about survival and nature, which proves usefully for the group.

Name: Demetria Blackstar

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Attribute: Darkus

Bakugan: Vulgar (Vulture)

Personality: Hard-core punker, Demetria is loud, bossy and in your face. She speaks her mind often without considering ours. She is stubborn and determine, when she sets her mind to something, she will not stop till it gets done.

History: Demetria has piercings, patches on her cloths and knee hit boots, giving her a very intimidating appearance that most people stay away from her. Little is know about her since Chase, Tres and Spancer never went to the dark side of the school and of course regal Serelle and shy Whitney would never talk to a girl like Demetria. Never the less, Demetria's can do personality helps to boost the others and get them to not give up.


Ragular young teens kids attenting a school anouncements find themselves under attack by titanic tenticales pouring out of portals stealing several people inslcuding Chase's younger brother. Chase and five other school students fall into a portat however they were saved by a tree. The find themselves stranded on an unknown planet inhabit by Bakugan and strange live forms. After meeting their Bakugan, the group of six wondered around the planet of Zarmina looking for clues about the current events.

Chase, Whitney, Demetria, Tres, Serelle and Spencer discover that tenticals were part of a giantic Bakugan that was sent to gather children from Earth to act as brawlers in an army. During their search for their lost class-mates, and some family members, Chase's younger brother Rani, Whintey's older brother and Demetria's older sister, the group sumble upon a book in the water under the tree that brought them there. The book tells of a prochacy and a place to find more info on the events taking place. So the group go in search of the Labyrinth. While searching for valuable items in the water, the group run into a Guardian named Taloz who tells them how to get to the Labyrinth and unlocks their Bakugan. Taloz refered to the group as Seekers.

While on their way to the Labyrinth, the Seekers learns how to brawl and each brawler learns more about their Bakugan. The Master of the Tentical Bakugan called Kronice sents his Bakugan to attack the Seekers again, seperating them momentartally in to three groups, Chase and Spencer, Whintey and Serelle and Demetria and Tres.

The Seekers encounter several Bakugan, a sea serpent like Bakugan attacks Chase and Spencer while a Pyrus Porcapine attackes Tres and Demitria. Serelle and Whintey fend off several Darkus monkeys Bakugan. Evernutally the three pairs meet up again after following balls of light. They encounter another Guardian named Zeria who grants them gifts and another book about the sea creature Bakugan that Kronice controls. She directs them in the right way to get to the Labyrinth.

The group goes inside and find the Labyrinth is a Maze like the expected. It appears they were not the only ones to enter the Labyrinth. A camp fire and several sleeping bags scather the floor. After examining the scene they come across a journal descibing a strange object called the Lexicon. The book also mentions several rooms and areas that Spencer figures would help direct them to the Lexicon.

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