Help me with ranaming these characters who never got proper names for whatever reason. Or plot ideas or whatever else I put on this thing.

First up renaming Hollyleal

She isn’t a particular Attribute Brawler and she and Aniju has a violent history. Aniju hates this person with a passion yet desires her back because she misses her dearly.

Possible name Cesmina Feuilles (First name is Holly in Czech and last name is Leaf in French. She basically Hollyleaf in two different languages, but not sure if it fits her personality)


Hollyleaf innocent and sweet but will betray, lie and cheat to get her way. She is willing to sacrifices other even friends to save her own skin and to get what she wants. She likes to be in charge and controls others. She even steals Bakugan and cards from others for herself and claims they were originally hers to start with. She also will steal belongings like a curtain cat and any good idea she hears. She’ll play the victim when necessary and rather have other people do her dirty work, however when time comes she’ll fight to save her own life and abandon her comrades. She’ll also change the rules quiet often to benefit herself, usually playing the “You’ll go easy on me,” at the start of any brawl. She also thinks highly of herself believing she is actually worth more than anyone on a team, thus she often loses team-mates but with her innocent lying ways, she can easily find new people to replace them.


Hollyleaf doesn’t appear ever in human form. She resembles a black cat humanoid with amber eyes. She does wear some article of clothes. She never seems to convert back to human form unlike the other humanoid furry creatures however what is known about her human form is she has jet black hair. (Please note her appearance changes slightly after she is brought back to life by Dualin. Aniju cut off Hollyleaf's tail and she still has it)

So Basically Hollyleaf is the most bitchy lying thief bastard you'll ever meet. Can't name her Holly because that is Dante's mother's name.

Next up is Pinkbear

Possibly name Rosa Tener (Spanish for Pink Bear) I would like her name to relate to pinkness and bears but not Ursa, since I already have a character with that name.


Pinkbear is a friendly coward who never listens not even to reason. She thinks she knows better than everyone else and like Hollyleaf, rules don’t apply to her. She’ll sometimes asked for permission but go ahead and do what she wanted even when told not to anyways. She acts like she has authority when she hasn’t earned it and will argue with others. After sometime she’ll act like nothing has happen and come back expecting forgiveness, like she’s done nothing wrong, and then act like she’s in charge again as if she is doing people a favor. She not as bossy as Hollyleaf. She is a big coward and will act all high and mighty till it comes to unsheathing claws. She most likely turn and run away leaving any companions behind to fend for themselves. She’s also a traitor and will do what she must to save herself even betraying a friend and within a few days even hours will come crawling back to that very person. (She’s done this to Aniju several times.)


Pinkbear looks very similar to Hollyleaf, except she is a reyish color feline human. Her human form has brownish grey hair and blue eyes.

Next is Cashmere.

Cashmere just needs a last name. Doesn’t matter what is as long as it is not being used by any of my other characters.


Cashmere is a thief and doesn’t listen to reason much like Pinkbear. She doesn’t listen or follow the rules yet she doesn’t make any new ones to benefit herself, like Hollyleaf or Pinkbear. Bad tempered and very hot heated, she tends to get easily pissed off over the simplest things. Unlike Pinkbear, Cashmere is a skilled fighter in close hand to hand combat but has no ranged attacks and is very weak against them. She left Hollyleaf’s group because she couldn’t get along well with others but now she has come back because Creed wiped out her new group.


Cashmere's resembles a Moon Devil like rabbit creature which is strange because so far only Aniju has been able to become a Moon Devil. Strangely Cashmere has lone hind legs and ears like a rabbit. Her human form she has blonde hair and blue eyes and appears to be the age of 14 to 16.

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