Because people keep messaging me without noticing that I don't work here anymore, I need to tell everyone, I'm taking off. When a new person comes to a wikia, the web site automatically sends that person a message reguarding whatever was the first thing they edited, and signs the name of the current Admin. I believe this is making people think I sent the message, but in fact I did not. So I'm sorry for not responding to your messages due to my inactivity. All good things must come to an end but this allows new beginings.

Now this wikia need a new Head Admin and so I'm giving that user rights to Zachattack31 for now. If he doesn't want the user rights, it will be choice who gets it after him. I won't be around long enough to make a good decision who can handle that responsability. This is an important job because the person with Admin powers can delete pages and photos and block users. This power should be used to take care of any vandalizers, but some people have gone power hungry and I don't want this. Zachattack31 has been around here longer than anyone else, who still works here, and I believe he'll do a fine job. So I'm signing out. I may or may come back everynow and then. So leave my characters' pages alone for now and don't do anything with them. I still use their pages as references. If you guys need me, you can still message me if it's important, but anything reguarding stories or photos should be discussed with the new Head Admin.

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