"Its time for you to meet your Ninja" (-Tino Sen: Ninja Action)

Tino Sen is a character featured in Bakugan: Gate Protectors,Bakugan: Sky Warriors,And Bakugan: Chaotic Prime he is a ventus member of indigos team.

First Appearence: Ninja Action


  • Tino had a dream of becoming a ninja. he still works on it and has did good, as a brawler he is much better at brawing then his ninja skills appearently.


Ventus Swian: Swian Is A Bird That Has Tremendous Speed and can outrun any of its opponents tracks it is very strong and doesnt give up intill the fight is over.

Tech Gear: Swiftwing

BakuAerial: Coptoron

Bakugan's AbilitysEdit

  • Extreme Bird
  • Lock Peck
  • Tornado Strike
  • Aerial Combat
  • Sky Blow
  • Wing Slap


Tino has been featured in many of my storys.

Tino Is Similar To Shun Kazami.

Tinos Last name is short for "Sensei" (Sen)

Storys Featured InEdit

Tino Sens Adventures

Bakugan: Rise Of Evil/Evil Collides

Bakugan: Gladiators Of The Realm

Bakugan: Galactic Superiors

Bakugan: Gate Protectors

Bakugan: Sky Warriors

Bakugan: Chaotic Prime

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