ok, ive been watching bakugan MS ep 6 and it seems to be like mag mel and dan have a extreme strong connection and so is drago. so heres a story about the orb i made up

chapter 1: 2 dragon fathers

the orb lived in a planet called neathia. it started out as 2 dragons called dragonoid and dharaknoid were destined to battle but they were split apart making new vestroia for the dragonoid and neathia and gundalia for dharaknoid

chapter 2: the good and evil side of a wielder

when someone called dan got to control of the bakugan with wielding the orb a dark side of him was inside the orb created by it. the truth is both dan and his dark ego *mag mel* can use the powers both of them. drago may be the bakugan but a bakugan called *razenoid* is a dark form of drago as well, drago is a dragon human noid and razenoid is too. mag mel is stuck and so is dan. if any person wields the sacred orb, a dark form of him/she is created the thing is only one can survive. if the dark one survives the person shall not control it. and could be destroyed. if the good one survives the evil one shall be destroyed an not be able to control it.

  • the true light of the sacred orb is Code Eve, the motherland of all bakugan she is the light inside the sacred orb

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