Hunoru Kazami- Ventus and Darkus Brawler with no gardian Bakugan; 13 year old with untidy black hair and a green and black suit; parents are Shun and Alice Kazami

Daisy Kuso- Pyrus and Haos Brawler with no gardian Bakugan; 11-year-old girl with blue hair and blue eyes; wears a red and white jacket; parents are Dan and Runo Kuso

Shinio Marukura- Aquos and Sub Terra Brawler with no gardian; 12 year old boy with silver blond hair; wears a brown T-shirt and blue pants; parents are Marucho and Julie Marukura

Mira Grit Jr.- Sub Terra and Darkus Brawler with no gardian; 14 year old girl with orange hair and black and white jumpsuit; parents are Mira and Ace Grit

Raven Krawler- Darkus and Pyrus Brawler; 10-year-old boy with silver hair; wears purple and black T-shirt and jeans; parents: Chan Lee and Ren Krawler

Karen Leltoy- Haos and Ventus Brawler; 13-year-old girl with blond hair; wears green and white jumpsuit; parents are Baron and NeNe Leltoy

NeNe Leltoy- Ventus Brawler; 23-year-old woman with blond hair; husband is Baron Leltoy and daughter is Karen Leltoy

Shuji- Ventus, Haos, Sub Terra, and Darkus Brawler; 36-year-old man with black, spiky hair. NeNe and Akira's brother.

Akira- Sub Terra Brawler; NeNe and Shuji's brother.

Baron Leltoy- Haos Brawler; 25-year-old Brawler; family: NeNe (wife) Akira (brother-in-law) Shuji (brother-in-law) and Karen (daughter)

Dan Kuso: Pyrus Brawler that is 27 and has a red jacket and black jeans.

Runo Kuso (Madian Name: Misaki): Haos Brawler with white cloak.

Alice Kazami: Darkus Brawler; black and purple dress.

Shun Kazami: Ventus Brawler; green and black cloak.

Marucho Marukura: Aquos Brawler; blue T-shirt and light blue pants; 24-years-old.

Julie Marukura: Sub Terra Brawler; 25-years-old.

Unnamed Brawlers: Unknown.

Chapter One: Hunoru KazamiEdit

Hunoru slipped on his fingerless gloves. He was getting ready to battle Daisy Kuso, his best friend. He read his clock, which said 8:00 PM. Daisy would be at the soccer field in five minutes. Hunoru hurried as he put on his green jacket. "Dad! I'm going to brawl with Daisy!!" He yelled. No answer.

Hunoru hurried downstairs and opened the front door. He experienced a crispy cold chill blow on him as the door opened. He saw a convienient peice of paper and a pencil outside. He wrote:

Dad, I'm going to brawl with Daisy. If I'm not home by 9:00, call the police.

Love, Hunoru

Hunoru left the note on the door and ran into the dark. He seemed so excited that nothing could bother him, not even the cold. He was fine; until something hard hit his head. "Ow!" Hunoru muttered. He picked up the thing that attacked him; it was a card. It opened up and it was an ability. "Dark Wind." Hunoru read aloud. "Plus five hundred G-Power. Hmm....I like it."

Another card fell out of nowhere. It was a normally blank card. "Useless rubbish." Hunoru muttered. He shoved the card into his pocket. He had to get to Daisy before she left. The soccer field appeared after a few minutes. "Where have you been?" A voice asked. It was Daisy. She was holding her Bakugan and throwing it up. "Late, I suppose?" She spat. "Who cares?" Hunoru snorted. "It's a battle." "Whatever."

Hunoru and Daisy both grabbed their field cards and screamed, "Field Open!" Hunoru opened his eyes in a clear white field with all colors in the sky. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a Shadow Axe, a Darkus warrior Bakugan. Daisy swiped a card and a Haos bakugan out of her pocket. "Gate Card, set!" she yelled. "Gate Card, set!" Hunoru screamed.

One card flashed yellow and red, and the other, Hunoru's, flashed green and black. "Bakugan, Brawl!" Hunoru yelled. "Darkus Shadow Axe, stand!" A giant, buff warrior with black and purple armor and an axe was standing where the ball was.

"Bakugan, Brawl!" Daisy said. "Haos Griffin, stand!" A gold lion with wings sprouted from where Griffin was.

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