Dan: It is time, for another journey.

skawo: yep.

shun: so you are supossed to be a medipan?

skawo: yes, we are a peaceful tribe, intill they.. came.

marucho: whos they?

aeon: the zonikians.

ken: the evil alien superiors.

Ken: presenting... aquos onaron!

marucho: whoah!

onaron: hi,

marucho: im..

onaron: marucho.

aeon: here is swian.

swian: pleasure to meet you.

shun: hey..?

skawo: time to go! cordinents to medipia!

chix: smashy!

skawo: oh no!

chix: what a smashing story! i finished by story.

chippy: time for sum high flyin action!

chix: get them!

skawo: hurry!

  • everyone jumps in the portals,

chix: what a twist.

chippy: a cyclone speed they had.

chix: lets go get a movie.

chippy: movie?

chix: entertament is a step. to comedy.

chippy: lets just go fly to medipia.

chix: alright. fellow friend.

  • Meanwhile

V: father.

villandous: yes son,

v: it seems our rivals have brought friends to medipia.

strika: and?

v: oh, greetings strika.

strika: helllo prince.

unknown: .....

strika: yes. they have bakugan.

unknown: ...... ...***

strika: oh thats right! they might recieve...!

  • Part 2 soon!

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