Another random group I thought up of. I'm currently reading The Red Pyramid. (Yes, I am a total bookworm, I'm also reading Nobody's Princess) I was thinking about the cat goddess Bastet, and I thought, How about a bakugan fanfic with the egyptian gods and goddesses? I'll put the fanfic up around Thanksgiving or near Christmas, whenever my schoolwork is out of the way, because school and other hold-ups are the reason why I can't work on a lot of anything, and sometimes I'm just lazy.


  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Manor- The workaholic, ditzy, and caring Pyrus brawler. Lizzie dreams of becoming a singer/actress or a vet, and wants to own a cheetah rescue, and she lives in a traveling family, but she wants to live by the gulf of mexico, so she can help the animals that are suffering because of an awful oil spill. She likes horses, cheetahs, cats, other animals, singing, and acting, and she cooks and cleans a lot, which is why she thinks of herself being like cinderella whenever she's stressed out with her chores. She meets Drago on her vacation in egypt, after a weird cat conference, hosted by the goddess Bastet! She has brown, curly hair, blue eyes, a red sweater with a red tank underneath, and a white tie, and blue jeans and white boots, and she is very immature and she is 12 years old.

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