The bakugan games is a new group fanfiction based off the hunger games. basically there's a huge compitition where the characters are randomly placed in a large jungle that you are unable to exit.. The last one alive wins. losers die. anyone who wants to join just either leave a comment or a message on my talk page.



Name: Ellie R. Davis

Attribute: darkus (like her mom)

Gardian: buniod

Name: riki kazami

attribute: subterra

Gardian: ax gorem.

Name: JJ

Attribute: Pyrus

Gardian Bakugan: Pyrus blaze dragoniod

Name: jackie daniels

attribute: subterra

gardian: cycloid


Name: Bella

attribute: haos

gardian: wolfurio

name: fò

attribute: subterra

gardian: clycloid

Name: trey

attribute: ventus

gardian: manion

Name: leve

Attribute: darkus

gardian: hydronoid


Chapter 1Edit

I jump. Then i duck. Then i punch. Then i kick a great and powerful kick that knocks my "brother" Riki into a tree.

"Not bad Ellie" he says to me "you're definetly ready for your ninja test tommorrow."

"thanks" i say though it comes out more like fanks due to my speech issue.

"booyah" says my gardian darkus buniod. strange enough i'm the only darkus brawler in the family with weirder when i have 5 brothers and 5 sisters and none of them are darkus like my mom and i.

Suddenly a note falls from the ground. It says that i have been selected for a bakugan compition but i could die. and if i agreed to say yes.

"Yes" i say. Then suddenlyi riki and i are transported away.

"where are we" I ask.

"Welcome to the 10025 hunger games" i heard a voice say. I look around and see where the voice came from but all I saw was riki a boy who look my age and girl who looked about 5. The voice kept talking. "Every year there are the hunger games which cellebrate the winning of the rebel war and forever this year this year we will have 16 tributes 4 from earth 4 from vestal 4 from gundalia and 4 from nethia.

"I see" I said "were the tributes from earth"

"Exactly" the voice spoke again "and the tributes will fight using their bakugan against the other tributes to the death in teams of two. "

I smiled excited. I'm a trained killer and by looking at the compation I wont have a hard time. The boy was I admit cute but also cocky looking with arrogant green eyes. The girl couldn't of been older than 5 she looked tough but in a babyish kinda way. I almost felt an urge to protect her probally because she reminded me of my younger siblings.

"Now for the teams" the voice talked once more "riki with jackie and ellianna with johnathan."I gasp because I might have to kill riki then or he kill me (Both bad). Annoyed and shocked i start radiating death and could tell that the boy johnathan and the girl jackie tense up. I could almost smell their fear. Riki on the other hand smiled he was pretty used to my radiating death.

"so" i said awkwardly to the boy johnathan "i'm ellie"

"jj" said johnathan " you know your sorta cute." i blush at that.

"so for our stratagy we should try looking weak at fisrt so people will take out eachother rather than us than towards the end we should attack when everyone else is tired." i spoke way too past as usual.

"what" he asked. i repeated myslef a but slower.

"nice stratagy but you wont need it with me" he smiled and the light flashed off his teeth "i'm pretty strong"

"but but but" I stammered very unlike me.

"how about you hide and i fight" jj said cockilly.

"be right back" i turned away and started walking towards riki.

"whats up with you" riki asked me "your SO not acting like yourself"

"sorry" i apologize "theirs something about him that i'm not used to. probally the cockiness you dont find ninja like that."

"or the fact that he is a boy thats not your brother." riki smiled starangely .

"and" i asked confused.

"you llike him" riki giggled

"Do NOT!!!!" i screamed in his face.

"whatever" riki said clearly not impressed "well i got to get back to my team you go get back to your team" and he walked away. i walked back to JJ.

"what was that about" he asked me.

" my brother thinks i ahve a crush on you" i answered

"not suprising" he JJ said "i'm hot strong and smart the complete package." that snapped me back to reality.

"ick" i spat "i dont like you"

"whatever" he said.

"now for to meet all the tributes" the unknown voice from before spoke. and once more we were tellaported away.

Chapter 2Edit

This time we we're tellaprted to what looked like a training hall. i looked around and saw 15 other contestants including jackie riki and j.j.

"welcome to the training hall" said a tall woman.

"what is this" asked one of the contestants a boy with a ventus manion.

"this is where we will asses your skills" answered the women.

"whats that mean" aksed JJ

"it means they will see how strong we are" i asnwered

"now in two days we will be doing that so get a good night's sleep" the women went on and i were tellaported to room with a big bed.

For a while i jsut paced i hated sleeping and besides i was fine for another night due to my ninja training. when morning came i was transported to cafeteria with the other tributes. I walked over to the table where J.J. was sitting and ate breakfast. after breakfat we were tellaported back to the training room. i looked around and saw different stations. one bow and arrow, another had traps. there were about 15 stations and i was relieved to see ninja stars and kuniknives as one of the stations.

"ok here's the plan" i said to J.J. standing next to me "we act weak and then show our true skills during the one on one assestment"

"what evs" JJ said cockilly.

"ok so what are i good at" i questioned.

"brawling" he smiled and the light flashed off his teeth

"any weapons" i facepalmed

"uh no" he said.i

"ok then go to everything."

i looked around. i decided to stay away from ninja stars nince i might end up showing my true power instead i headed to bow and arrow. JJ headed to the snare station. i loaded my bow aimed at the targets and missed by about 100 feet up. i blushed looking embarassed. i truely sucked at archery. i looked next to me the boy on my left had gotten a 6 the girl on my right had a 10.

"nice shot" i said to the girl.

"thanks" she said "i'm rue by the way."

"i'm ellie" i said "mind showing me"

"sure" she answered as she guided my arm helping me launch and i got 10. little did dhe know she just took her own life.

"thanks" i said.

"now everyone i would like to show to the bakugan room" said the tall woman walking towards a door. she opened the door and i saw what looked like a battlefield i decided to stay away from it though becuase i didnt know how to fake being bad at brawling. buniod seemed to get the idea.

"fudge" she said "were gonna have to brawl"

JJ looked at me and i walked over to him and gave him a look that said just kidding dont worry. he seemed to get the idea and nodded.

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