New GenerationEdit

Dave: After his parents were tooken away through a strange portal, the orphan lived his life alone, shunned and teased. But when the portal re-opens again, and out comes evolved Dragonoid, telling him the world is in danger, it's up to him to save the world. A normal person would faint, or something, but Dave stood up to the challenge. A pyrus brawler.
Kara: A girl from the aliens homeworld, her family was kept captive by them. After discovering that Dave now had Dragonoid, she showed him how to battle and helped dragonoid explain what would happen to earth if they didn't save it. The first member of the New Generation team, she helps Dave find his way out of all kinds of situations. A Haos brawler.

Nathan: A shy student of shun (now teaching ninja classes), Nathan has a very persistive attitude, and though he is clumsy and sometimes reckless, he won't give it up... no matter what. After Dave came to Shun, Shun sent Nathan with them. an aquos brawler.

Zack: Also in shuns class, Zack is the top student. Quiet but very talented, Zack always found himself a bit lonely... and usually keeps to himself. Hisd parents gave up their lives for him when the aliens attacked. A Ventus brawlers.

Emma: Zacks sister, Emma is only five years old, but is very sad. Emma is heard to have never smiled after her parents were killed. Though she is yound, she is a very skilled brawler, and when mad can take down very strong enemies. A darkus brawler.

Bill: A strong wrestler, Bill is Daves best friend from school before his parents dissapeared. Bill risks his life and joins Dave in the new generation team. A Subterra brawler.


Flare Dragonoid: After being passed on to mathew, he was kidnapped along with him, and was in experiments evolved into the aliens new type of bakugan: Bakutech bakugan. After escaping the aliens world (Called Gamma) , Flare dragonoid came to Dave, and explained the aliens plan on taking over the world. Together, these two are practically unstoppable!

Kilan Leoness: Kara's bakutech guardian. Loving battle and always hungry for more excitement, the young bakugan is a fierce foe. Kara found her on the streets, abandoned.

Van Falco: Zack guardian, he was accidently transported out of Gamma and into earth when his parents entered Gamma. Stuck to Zack ever since. Calm, a lot like Zack.

Artros: Nathans bakugan, given to him by shun. Very excited, and a showoff. Nathan and Artros are best friends.

Saur Kathlin: Bill's guardian bakugan. Very strong, and has a good sence of humor.

Munikis: Is shown at the end of present newly released episode, along with a shadowy figure with a hood on.

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