Team Lilium is Dallas' group that first appeared in Dimensional Defenders. It seen Team Lilium formed some time after Dimentional Trouble.

Current MembersEdit

Name: Dallas

Kana: ダレス

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Abel

Position: Haos Brawler/Leader

Name: Kunagiri ex Machina

Kana: クナギリ・エクス・マキナ

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Ninja Bird Brigade

Position:Assistant Leader and Team Coach

Name: Lysie Krelle

Kana: ルシ ・クレル

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Alraune Eris

Position: Subterra Brawler

Name: Yayoi Higashijujo Lowenthal

Kana: 弥生 東十条 ロヘンタル

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Scylla

Position: Aquos Brawler and Cheerleader

Name: Lync Volan

Kana: リンク ヴォウラン

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Worton

Position: Ventus Brawler, Father of the Order of Grammaton

Name: Masquerade

Kana: マスカレード

Attribute: Darkus / Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Fusion Dragonoid

Position: Pyrus Brawler


Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

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