The Tarakin are a group with intense power that confront Dan and Shun in the beggining of "Tarakin on the loose" Movie, and become the main issue with their gigantic Army that, using the power of every attribute that wields the infinity core, can become a great monster that they will se to dominate the world.

  • The Right hand man of Zanrda
  • Alsakan is Zandra's brother, but Keyvos hates him.
  • Leader of the Tarakin, Zandra is a born leader.
  • The hot tempered hunk, Keyvos is often annoyed.
  • The Jakra army works for Zandra.
  • The fastest, most talented, this one is SKILLED.
  • two twin bakugan, these two do everything same.
  • Loga is a showoff, always in a competition.
  • The calmest and most secretive, he betrayed them.

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