SpiritClan is a group of deceased characters, from various shows and books.

About this Mysterious ClanEdit

Several Bakugan characters are up in the stars with the rest of SpiritClan and ask as messagers. They can only comunicate to curtain characters, Aniju ahd Popkat mostly. They forseen the future in a haze and give prophecies to the living based off of what they forsaw. These come in the form of riddles. SpiritClan members may have some still living relitives but as a whole they can only comunicate to someone who is more cabatible to the majority of the members, so SpiritClan members with siblings or mates can not talk to them because one they would have a connection with that particular person. Aniju somehow knows every member of SpiritClan or has some connection with the members maybe through a still living person who is a friend, Jin's link was through Fabia, even though she has never met him when he was alive. SpiritClan can not help in most situation concerning the livin, they just watch and guide. When visiting the World of the Living, the members of SpiritClan appear as glowing orbs, they glow in different colors, depening on their aura color. All living creatures can see them but do not know or can not comunicate with the SpiritClan members in this form, except for the few people who have a connection with them. Several members act as Speakers, who offent travel to their Living World to talk to their Listeners(Aniju, Popkat..etc...etc...)

SpiritClan gave Aniju her latest powers, she got from several important individuals. Several Cleric were based off of some members.

Current SpiritClan MembersEdit

List of all members who are currently still in the Clan.

Rocket Dog (Not to confuse with Dante's Eanom)




Whitestorm (Not the Cleric)

Dusk (Not the Cleric)

Sol Lek

Sid (Alternate Universe one)

Runo (Alternate Universe one)

Kyuzo (A Bad Ass Samuria, once trained Aniju)

Flo (Aniju isn't totally sure this is the real Flo or something her mind created during her depression)

Former MembersEdit

List of people who have left, because they came back to life.

Volt (Alternate Universe, before he was brought back) Former Speaker

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