"Are weakness and rage enemies without form to youth wandering in the solitude of imprisonment?

Oh Father, I still find you difficult to understand."

- Song: Yuukyou Seishunka

In Mission Grammaton; Spectra Phantom, under his real name Keith Clay, is the first and reigning Prime Minister of Planet Vestal. He is a former Pyrus Brawler but he changed his attribute specialty to Darkus during Mechtanium Surge.

Prime Minister of Vestal


Keith Clay / Fermin (Spectra Phantom)
キース フェルミン (スペクトラ・ファントム)
Kisu Farumin (Supekutora Fuantomu)
19 (New Vestroia)

21 (Mechtanium Surge) 23 (Mission Grammaton season 1)

24 (Mission Grammaton season 1)
Prime Minister of Vestal (MGs1, usurped in MGs2)

Leader of the Resistance (MGs2)

Leader of the Vexos Organization (former)
Darkus (MS, MGs1, MGs2) Pyrus (NV)
Guardian Bakugan
Tenebrae Helios

Background StoryEdit

Spectra confronted and defeated Protheus in the Epsilon Ward. He took the liberty of claiming his just-defeated Brawler as his prize. He did away with Protheus that night, causing the latter to be traumatized and unable to brawl for weeks. To Spectra, however, it's simply playing the irony out of the OTP of "The Compilation."

Spectra is also over protective of his younger sister, Mira. Mira secretly married her long-time lover Ace Grit and their marriage is still not accepted by Spectra. During the Testing of the BakuSynchro, Ace's BakuSynchro with Ragna the Bloodedge went horrendously wrong. The BakuSynchro caused Ace to forget about Mira and Specta used it as an opportunity to tear the couple apart. Ace was then sent to brawl with the Reformed Resistance on Earth.

However, despite being an insensitive prick at times, Spectra is moreover concerned with the wellfare of the denizens of Planet Vestal. He would fight to the death to ensure their safety.

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