"How is a seed of happiness grow if an Angel of Hell comes to sell it?"
- Song: God Diva

Shun Kazami [ 風見 駿 (Kazami Shun lit. Wind sees Speed) ] is the veteran Ventus Brawler of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers team.

Wind sees Speed


Kazami Shun
風見 駿
Kazami Shun
13(BB), 16(NV), 17 (GI), 18 (MS), 20 (MGs1), 21 (MGs2)
Ninja-in-training; Ventus Brawler of the Resistance (NV, MGs1, MGs2); Member of the Order of Grammaton (MGs1)
Guardian Bakugan
Storm Skyress (BB), Master Ingram (NV), Hawktor (GI), Taylean (MS), Volkner (MGs1, MGs2)

Mission GrammatonEdit

Shun is the returning Ventus Brawler for the Resistance.

While in the Bayview park, Shun had a bit of misunderstanding with Ace Grit. To his dismay, he left Ace but he was found by Father who challenged him to a brawl. Annoyed with Ace's constant imposing of a "Dress Code" and repetitive chastising of him as either "Luke fon Fabre" or "Midboss;" Shun made it seem that he quitted the Resistance and joined the Order of Grammaton. This marks the beginning of the second arc of Mission Grammaton.

Under the Order of Grammaton, Shun served as a spy and messenger to keep track of Rengoku Houran whose reputation and actions are always being distrusted by Genesis Wright.

Dimensional TroubleEdit

Shun Kazami was mentioned by DIO to have attained the Fifth Hokage rank at the age of 24. DIO also laments on the fact that Shun is always said to be more good looking than him.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Prior to Dimensional Defenders, Shun was attacked and kidnapped by Professor Kunagiri. His disappearance followed after Dan Kuso's disappearance, prompting the Order of Grammaton to also launch their own investigation.

Professor Kunagiri is currently keeping the unconscious Shun Kazami in a state of stasis at an undisclosed location.

Fall from GraceEdit

Main article: Kunagiri ex Machina

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Shun is a tall, black-haired ninja-in-training with golden eyes.

Most shonen anime always portray a main trio consisting of the shonen hero, a shorty (or a female) and the third one being the male (or female) with the sheer sex appeal. Shun fits the third type of person in the typical anime trio.

He notably wears the most stylish and sometimes the most revealing clothing amongst the Battle Brawlers. The reason behind it is probably for mobility.

He has an aloof personality at most but he cares about his teammates more than anyone would think.


- Annisa refers to him as Bishounen and gave him the common description for Sebastian Michaelis as "Shitsuji Shun" which literally means Butler Shun or alternately in Kanji as "Genius Butler."

The Order of Grammaton

Yuri D Izayavitch (Darkus)

Leader's Guardian Bakugan
Aethereal Kain 

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