Shun Kazami is a Ventus Brawler for the Battle Brawlers Team. He appears offen in many of fan-fictions.


List of Bakugan used on the ShowEdit

Skyress (First Guardian Bakugan) Later evolved in to Storm Skyress

Ventus Monarus

Ventus Ravenoid

Ventus Falconeer

Ingram (Second Guardian Bakugan) later evicted into Master Ingram

Ventus Hawktor (Third Guardian Bakugan)

Ventus Hylash (Bakugan Trap)

Ventus Shadow Wing (Master Ingram's Ability Bakugan)

Haos Hammersaur

Ventus Taylean (Fourth Guardian Bakugan)

Ventus/Pyrus Mutant Taylean (BakuMutant)

Gold Hammermor(Taylean's BakuNano)

Ventus Silent Strike (Taylean's Mechtogan)

Ventus Faser Titan/Silent Strike Titan (Taylean's Mechtogan Titan)

Ventus Zoompha (First Mobile Assault)

Ventus Blasterate (Battle Suit)

Ventus Jaakor (Fifth Guardian Bakugan)

Ventus Fortatron (Battle Suit)

Darkus Skytruss (Sixth Guardian Bakugan)

Darkus Orbeum (Seventh Guardian Bakugan)

Ventus/Darkus Magmafury (Baku Sky Raider Combination of Jaakor, Skytruss and Orbeum)

Ventus Thorak (Jaakor's Mechtogan)

Aquos/Ventus Duomechtra (Mechtogan Combination)

List of Bakugan used in Fan-FictionsEdit

List Bakugan name and which Fan-Fiction they are from.

Ninja Bird Brigade [Makina Juyushi] in Dimensional Defenders.

Ventus Chanbara Taylean and Zepp Volkner in Mission Grammaton.


List of Fanfictions Shun appeared in.

Mission Grammaton: Shun is a member of the Reformed Resistance and a special operations spy of the Order of Grammaton.

Fall from Grace: The story is narrated from Shun's point-of-view about the tragedies that changed their lives and bonds of friendship.

Dimensional Defenders: Two Shun Kazami appear in the canon of Dimensional Defenders: One from the present time (reported missing) and another from a dystopic future whose hoping to prevent that tragic future from happening.

Bakugan: True Evil

Reality Shift

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