Shaka Zulu is J. Alfred Prufrock's Guardian Bakuan and his attribute is Haos.
Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu


Shaka Zulu is a Yellow Mongoose, however since Haos Bakugan are generally white, Shaka Zulu has a white pelt. A magical gem is inbedded into his chest and changes color depending on his mood. He wears a hot hat that was given to him by his partner J. Alfred.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

In Dimensional Defenders, Shaka Zulu first appears with his partner J. Alfred Prufrock. They met up with Brook and her Bakugan Kakoo. On the way to Arena 44 they ran into Maria and her Bakugan Chimeriad, a Plasma Bakugan. Shaka Zulu found Chimeriad amusing. They watched a brawl at Arena 44 before moving seeing that Brook's sister wasn't there. At the Stadium between the Arenas they ran into Dallas. The gang arrived at Arena 42 and spotted Bree. Then the whole gang was surounded by a dark cloud of smoke and were confronted by a huge Bakugan, Ectorius. A mysterious brawler named Banshee challanged the gang to brawl her and she would give back Brook's sister Bree.

Kindom of EchoesEdit

In Kingdom of Echoes, J. Alfred and Shaka Zulu enter a Tournament.


StarStorm: Subtracts 500 Gs from opponent, adds 250 Gs to Shaka Zulu

Solar Wind: Subtract 500 HP from opponent(s)

Light’s Aura: Subtracts 5000PH from opponent

Melodic Solace: Subtracts 1000Gs from opponent and Adds 1000Gs to Shaka Zulu and his team-mates

Solara: Adds 1000HP to Shaka Zulu or a team-mate

Midnight Sun: Prevents opponents from attacking for three turns


  • Shaka Zulu is named after a meerkat like his partner J. Alfred Prufrock. They were from the Lazuli Mob and were cousins, both later formed the Hoppla Mob, where J. Alfred Prufrock became the dominant male. Shaka Zulu was the next oldest male but he left the group since he couldn't take dominance and disappared in late 2008. The Hoppla was lost in 2009 and J. Alfred Prufrock sadly died. In late 2009 a rather fimilair meerkat was seen in a wild mob near the old Hoppla territory but wasn't found again till April 2010, with one habituated meerkat. The group was called the Zulus Mob and it was discovered that long lost Shaka Zulu was the dominant male. Shaka Zulu, the meerkat, is still alive as the dominant male today. And that is why J. Alfred Prufrock and Shaka Zulu are partners.


Kingdom of Echoes

Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

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