Shadowreavers Pronounced (Shaa-Doe-Ree-Ver) Are Shadow Like Demons Who are featured in Bakugan: Sky Warriors Arc 2.


  • Long Ago After The Brawlers defeated Naga The Power He Released Spreaded Into The Doom Dimension Which Created The Shadowreavers Originally They Were Created By Darkness And They Lived In A Reverse Like Dimension. In The Future They were Minions to a Human Named Dread Who Has Taken A Legendary Bakugan Named Shaderius And Has Used Its Powers To Boost The Shadowreavers Rage.


They First Appear In Episode 27: The Mysterious Dread In Indigos Dream.


  • They Were Created By The Silent Cores Power And Darkness But Nothing Is Known Why they are demons.
  • They Have made a way to transform into human like aliens.

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