"Fine crime, no ways to pay.

Life, death, nothing to remain!"

- Song: Black Onslaught

Shadow Prove is the Darkus Brawler for the Mephisto Brotherhood. He is also one of the three members of Mephisto's Subteam Abyss.

Darkus Brawler of the Mephisto

Mephisto Shadow

Shadow Prove
シヤド プロブ
Shiyado Purobu
17 (New Vestroia) 22 (Mission Grammaton season 2)
Member, Vexos Organization (former) Darkus Brawling Operative, Mephisto Brotherhood
Guardian Bakugan
Malebodgia Cerberus

Background StoryEdit

Using the Technology stolen from the Order of Grammaton, the members of the Mephisto Brotherhood were able to open the Aether Dimension (or "Abyssal" as Rengoku Houran calls it) to bring back three ex-Vexos members. These three members of a sub-team called Abyss is forced to fight against their old allies and to further the plight of their new organization. This trio is known as the Subteam Abyss.

Mission GrammatonEdit

Shadow was first encountered by his former ally, Rengoku Houran. Shadow had reiterated that he never considered Houran as an ally even since their time in the Vexos. He attacks Houran and takes the latter's Akashic Record.

Houran attempted to bring back his treasured handheld by infiltrating the Mephisto Headquarters situated in the Forbidden Realms of Vestal. However, he ended up in a dummy headquarters and saw the other two members of the subteam Abyss. Mortified by what he saw, he ran back as fast as he could to the Winchester's beaming range.

As soon as Houran arrived back into the Winchester, he told Volt everything that he saw back in the Forbidden Realm. Volt confirmed Houran's intel as he himself had just defeated his predecessor in a surprise Brawl. The two immediately contact the former Vexos members Spectra and Gus to inform them about the three Subteam Abyss members. Volt later beams both Spectra and Gus into the Winchester just in time for the strategic meeting that Father is conducting for that day.

As for Shadow, he shares with his two other Abyss comrades the handheld that he stole from Houran. The three were supposed to have a peaceful reminiscing but was unable to because Shadow kept on laughing in the background.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Shadow retains his tongue-sticking and spazzy personality. He claimed to Spectra and Yuri that he is the "True Lord of Darkness" and others are just Emo kids.

As for his appearance; this time, he's built around the concept of a Lord of Darkness. His clothing also has the Mephisto's signature "lighting blood lines" that emit his Attribute color of Darkus purple.

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