Bakugan: The Next Generation - Drago's Kingdom Character Saphir Edit

Saphir is a Character appearing in my Fanfiction Bakugan: The next Generation - Drago's Kingdom. She is one of the two Leading Characters.

Description Edit

Saphir is one of the two Children born to Drago and Wavern. She has the kindness of her mother as well as the stubbornness of her father.

Appearance Edit

Saphir looks exactly like her mother, with the small difference that she has inheritance the Pyrus Attribute of her father.

Backstory Edit

Saphir was born to Drago and Wavern as the first of the two children they had, the second being her brother Dargo. Because of her being the first born she would take over the leadership over all Bakugan when her father wouldn't be anymore. She at first doesn't like the thought of being a queen, but this changed over the time she grew up. As she was once making a little discovering trip through the land, she meets Kizuato, a Darkus Dharaknoid, later to be revealed the Son of Dharak/Razenoid, and makes friends with him. As she had become an adult, she and Kizuato met again, which turned out to be a well-planed maneuver of Zira. But she was able to change him throughout the time they spend together. Even falling in love with him. At the end, the both were able to prevent a fight to the death of their both families. The both married and became the next Generation to rule the Bakugan together in peace.

Trivia Edit

  • She has inherited the Attribute of her Father Drago.
  • Saphir is like Kizuato in possess of the Ultimate Warrior Gene as well as the Twin Gene.
  • She has to ¾ Vestroian and to ¼ Gundalian Bakugan blood.

Gallery Edit

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