Haos Ragnarok Dragonoid is the guardian bakugan of Molly Banster in Bakugan: Finlayan Ambush. He was once the pyrus guardian of Dan Kuso, but five years after Dan's retirement from brawling, (after the fifth season, to be exact), a group of Finlayans came in the middle of the night and dragged him into a portal, and he was taken to Finlaya, where he was the test subject in their DNA expiraments, forcing him to painfully evolve into a haos bakugan in order to live longer, and when he nearly died in an expirament giving him rabbit DNA, he fled to earth where he watched Molly live her life as a white rabbit. He showed himself when Molly was being attacked by a gang of seventeen-year-olds, and he scared him off, and Molly, grateful for what he had done, allows him to become her guardian bakugan. He reports the teenaged boys to the police afterward. Molly's stepmom is his ex-girlfriend, Darkus Ingram. He also has the ability to shapeshift himself in battle, often tricking his opponents. He first appears in the series intro in his rabbit-form, watching Molly when she suddenly spots him, and he runs away, resulting in a chase scene, but she gives up and heads to school.

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