Pyrus Baldr


Power Level
900 Gs
Olaf Sturluson
Umbra Team
Comes from
New Vestroia

Pyrus Baldr is a Pyrus Bakugan and the Guardian Bakugan of Olaf Sturluson .


Baldr is a Pyrus Bakugan that resembles a short mage/gnome wearing leather armor with metal plates over a medieval outfit. He also has a visor over his eyes which serves to correct his bad vision, as his species usually live in underground cities in New Vestroia. His weapon of choice is a wooden scepter that can be used both for close combat and for casting spells.


Baldr is very loyal to his partner, Olaf Sturluson, and Olaf's lack of will to win and over-the-top selflessness greatly worries him. He is very ashamed of his poor Brawling record and his low power level of 900, and his greatest ambition is to become stronger and evolve so others wouldn't view Olaf and him as weaklings. He also wants Olaf to become stronger and believe in his own abilities rather than keep using himself as a living shield for his teammates. Baldr himself has stated that "No matter what, he'll make Olaf believe in himself. No matter what, he'll make Olaf stronger. No matter what, he'll shape Olaf into a confident person who doesn't view himself as expendable. Even if he'll have to force him. Even if he'll have to give up his own life in the process."

As the medic of Umbra Team's Bakugan, he often worries about his teammates' health. Even though he doesn't approve of Olaf's selflessness, if necessary, he will ignore his own wounds in order to heal others, and will not allow himself the luxury of passing out until his patients' lives are no longer in danger.


Baldr doesn't have many offensive abilities, and most of his abilities are focused on defense and team play (Support Brawling)

X2 - Doubles the power of the team's abilities for one turn

X3 - Triples the power of the team's abilities for one turn

Edda - Nullifies the opponent's ability and renders the team immune to the effects of Ability Cards for the next turn

Nibelungenlied - The team's power levels are unable to be leeched by enemy Abilities for two turns.

Cauterize - Returns the power levels of every Bakugan on the field to their base levels and heals any damage inflicted on teammates.

Völsung - The Bakugan on Baldr's side receive a boost in strength and speed and their power levels are increased by 400

Kalevala - Adds 200 Gs to Baldr

Völva - Subtracts 250 Gs from the opponent


  • Baldr is rather fond of meat, and when he is thrown into battle, he usually appears holding his scepter in one arm and a chicken drumstick in the other.
  • He is pathetically shortsighted without his visor. Ironically, in Norse Mythology, Pyrus Baldr's namesake, the god Baldr/Balder had a blind brother, Hodr, who eventually killed him while being manipulated by Loki, the god of lies and treachery.
  • When traveling somewhere, Baldr usually carries a big bag full of medicine on his back. However, his medicine only cures Bakugan (and KILLS humans if they ingest it...Well, if they can eat a pill that weighs 50 pounds)
  • The most common pills that he carries in his sack are painkillers, fever reducers (BakuFlu exists, people!), antidotes for various types of poisons, and most importantly, Brain Bleach.
  • He has a habit of telling the others stories about New Vestroia's deadliest diseases (and often he starts telling these stories at the wrong place and at the wrong time), often frightening the rest of the Umbras, Brawler and Bakugan alike.

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