"I can only wonder if you see things as if through a glass of wine with those crimson irises."

- Spectra Phantom

Protheus Michaels (pronounced as "Phrotheis") is a Subterra Brawler from Planet Vestal. He is the second-to-the-last to join the Order of Grammaton. Throughout Mission Grammaton, Protheus is fatefully bonded to Spectra; a destiny which he is trying to liberate himself from so that he can avenge the death of Volt Luster.

Protheus Michaels


Protheus Michaels (Mikhaile Protheus vien'Mille)
ミカエル プロテイス バン ミル
Mikaeru Puroteisu ban Miru
24 (Mission Grammaton season 1) 25 (Mission Gramaton season 2)
Freelance Brawling Tutor (former) Subterra Brawling Operative, Order of Grammaton
Guardian Bakugan
Magna Brontes

Background StoryEdit

Act I - The Epsilon Ward and Volt Luster

Protheus is a silver-haired young man with blood red eyes and pale skin. Because of this, he is often mistaken for a supernatural being. This caused him to close his heart to everyone else living in the Epsilon ward. He became a Hikikomori who preferred to live his entire life within the four corners of his room. It didn't helped but rather, it even furthered the suspicions that Protheus might indeed be a vampire.

There is but one person who dared to know the truth about Protheus - Volt Luster. Volt left late in the evening, in the hour where everyone in Epsilon Ward was asleep. There, Volt found Protheus by the playground.

Protheus was practicing his brawling skills and talking to his guardian Bakugan. Volt tried to approach him but Protheus threw a rock at him. Angered, Volt challenged Protheus and the former emerged victorious. Rather than bragging his win, Volt befriends Protheus. Protheus saw that Volt is much different than everyone else. It is only to Volt that Protheus opened up his heart and called someone a friend.

Act II - The Epsilon Incident and Spectra Phantom

The two boys would grow up to become powerful brawlers. They both lived a simple but content life with their days spent on either brawling to improve their own skills or teaching the younger residents of Epsilon and Lambda Ward.

Their peaceful days would end in a tragedy when a blond man clad in red leather and iron mask named Spectra Phantom came to the Epsilon Ward demanding the allegiance of the powerful brawlers of the area. Volt brawled with Spectra but lost. Volt had to join the so-called Vexos organization as a consequence. Spectra commanded Volt to leave ahead as the former has more important things to do.

Protheus was not present that time because he went to the Lambda Ward to teach the children as requested by Volt. Arriving back, the surreal sign of flames engulfing the entire Epsilon Ward was the only thing Protheus saw as Spectra walks away with a menacing grin towards the cold-hearted flames. As Spectra vanished, his voice floats in the air, telling that Volt is still alive and would be a changed man the next time they meet.

The deafening screams of those crying for help had filled Protheus' ears, enough to glue him to the very spot he was standing on. Several debris begin to fall. A huge slab hits Protheus, knocking him unconscious into the ground.

Act III - Post-Trauma and Klaus von Hertzon

A few days later, a human named Klaus von Hertzon decided to settle in Planet Vestal. He was searching for lands to purchase for his Real Estate business when he received an intel regarding an "abandoned" place called Epsilon Ward.

Protheus, in his frail and incapacitated state, tried to live through sheer will power alone. He was later found by Klaus, lying beside the huge piece of slab which would have otherwised killed him. The von Hertzon company reassessed the number of casualties in the area which totalled to 90% of the inhabitants. A mere 10% survived, all others of which ran away due in fear of Protheus "the vampire" who was able to survive the supposed deadly debris.

Klaus, pitying Protheus, took the frail man back to his castle by the lake. There, Protheus received his metal braces which helped him walk and brawl like he does before the accident happened. He was supposed to work for the von Hertzon company but he ran away when he heard about Volt Luster being a top battler in New Vestroia.

Act IV - Alpha City Arena and reunion with Volt Luster

Protheus escaped from Klaus' lake castle and made his way into the Vespalace Laboratories where a prototype Dimension Transporter is being installed. Protheus sneaked past the guards and activated the transporter which brought him to New Vestroia.

Arriving by New Vestroia, he found many brawlers demanding a challenge and emerged victorious. The brawlers that he fought and had defeated all asked him to fight against Volt Luster in the Alpha City Arena. Seeing this as his chance to reunite with his bestfriend, he accepted.

In the Alpha City Area, Protheus breezed through several opponents until he is scheduled to fight his bestfriend. Protheus tried to talk sense into Volt but he was rejected. Disturbed by this rejection, Protheus lost the brawl against Volt. Making matters Worse, his Guardian Bakugan, Nox Mercurius, died during the battle.

Without a Guardian Bakugan, Protheus could no longer brawl. He tried to escape but he was captured by the guards. The guards took Protheus to a room where Spectra was spending his time awaiting his next battle against a Subterra Brawler named Gus Grav. Spectra glared at Protheus and reiterated "I told you. Volt is much different when you see him again."

Protheus got furious and attacked Spectra, knocking the latter's mask out. Insulted by Protheus' actions, Spectra returned the blow coup d'grace and knocked Protheus out. As Protheus' vision fades into the darkness, he sees Spectra harassing him.

Spectra later called out to the guards to take care of Protheus. The guards took the unconscious Protheus to Beta City and placed him in a state of stasis for the next two years.

Act V - Bakugan New Vestroia Arc

Protheus gained freedom when the masked man had already betrayed the Vexos and had set free the hostaged resistance members. Protheus was immediately greeted by the irony of the man causing his grief had freed him to probably cause him more grief.

Having survived huge falling debri and stasis for two years, Protheus concluded that he might not be an ordinary Vestal. He thought that he might indeed posess supernatural capabilities.

Protheus later met Alto Brontes in a remote area in New Vestroia. Recognizing that it is Volt's former Guardian Bakugan, Protheus pleaded Alto Brontes for partnership and together they will find Volt. Alto Brontes agrees and later won many more brawls for Protheus. Alto Brontes had since evolved into Magna Brontes and had changed attribute from Haos to Subterra.

Act VI - Return to Epsilon Ruins and The Order of Grammaton

After the fall of the Vestal Monarchy and the pre-establishment of the new Vestal government, Protheus returns to Planet Vestal with Brontes.

He makes his way into Lambda Ward where he overheard from the children that a few weeks before, Volt Luster had been executed by the Vexos in the ruins of Epsilon Ward.

Protheus and Brontes both felt that the whole universe fell into their fragile shoulders. Protheus could not believe that after Volt had pledged his loyalty to the Vexos and had abandoned his own friends, he would be executed in return. Speculating that Spectra Phantom may be the perpetrator of the execution, Protheus began his frantic search of Spectra.

Along the way, he met a group called Order of Grammaton. The Order is searching for a powerful Subterra Brawler and persuades Protheus to affiliate himself with them. Magna Brontes prods Protheus into joining, the latter hesitating. Eventually, Protheus gave in and joined the Order.

Mission GrammatonEdit

Two years after the events of Mechantum Surge, a group of six powerful Brawlers called the "Order of Grammaton" launched a surprise attack on the strategic locations in the four planets: Earth, Vestal, Nethia and Gundalia. The Grammaton declared Universal conquest, prompting the Battle Brawlers to spring into action once again.

Protheus Michaels, a 24-year-old Subterra Brawler from Planet Vestal; is never interested in conquest or any form of domination. He Brawls to prepare himself to face against an old enemy. His goal is simply to avenge his fallen comrade-in-arms, Volt Luster.

Protheus was beamed by the Grammaton Mothership "Winchester" into the Epsilon Ward. Therein, Protheus recalls some of his memories that he had in that place from his first meeting with Volt to the years where they grew up together. He did not wish to remember anymore that tragic incident that claimed the lives of many Vestals and the day Volt left him for the Vexos.

However, a familiar-looking man approached Protheus. All the painful memories came rushing into his mind like a tidal wave, too overwhelming that Protheus lost his balance and tripped off. As the man approaches, he takes off his mask and Protheus recognized him. Two exchanged remarks before they engaged in a Brawl.

Their ensuing Brawl devastated what remained of Epsilon Ward, angering Protheus who called the place as his Sanctuary of Memories. Adding salt to the open wounds, Spectra forces a kiss on the already disillusioned Protheus. Jules Liger, Grammaton's Aquos Brawler from Nethia, witnessed the act and attempted to punch Spectra in the face. Spectra retreats with Protheus held as his hostage.

Brawling RecordEdit

Prior to Mission Grammaton

Opponent Outcome
vs Volt Luster (Brontes); (using Nox Mercurius) Lose (Mercurius = KIA)

Mission Grammaton season 1

Opponent Outcome
vs Spectra Phantom Lose

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Protheus can easily be described as someone who possesses the looks of the One-Winged Angel but has the reclusive nature of the Ex-SOLDIER. This is the direct contrast of Spectra Phantom's menacing sadism and Ex-SOLDIER looks. Protheus can also be summed up as the "Uke Sephiroth" (Submissive) to the "Seme Cloud" (Dominative) that is Spectra.

Protheus is also obsessive of his memories of his sworn brother, Volt Luster. He even wears Volt's shoe lace around his neck as a keepsake.

Slumbook EntryEdit

Full name: Mikhaile Protheus la-Reine vien'Mille

Gender: Male

Race: Vestal

Birthdate: August 21

Birthplace: Gamma City, Vestal

Hobbies: Bathing (for two hours every single day)

Likes: Lysie ("Tipheret"), The ideals of the Grammaton

Dislikes: Spectra Phantom ("Lech Strife"), the Vestal Monarchy

Favorite Food: Pudding

Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms

Favorite Music Instrument: Bass Guitar

The Order of Grammaton

Yuri D Izayavitch (Darkus)

Leader's Guardian Bakugan
Aethereal Kain 

Brawling Operatives
Chryslar Zeit (Pyrus) | Jules Liger (Aquos) | Rengoku Houran (Ventus) 
Protheus Michaels (Subterra) | Volt Luster (Haos) | Marduk Kreig (Darkus)

Brawling Operatives' Guardian Bakugan
Hellfire Thanatos | Aphrodite Milos | Gale Fuujin
Magna Brontes | Crusader Abel | n/a

Other Members
Mizuhiro Mikado (Subterra)

Other Members' Guardian Bakugan

Temporary / Former Members
Shun Kazami (Ventus) | Masquerade (Darkus) | Genesis Wright (Haos)

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