This Is Episode 2 of project justice, Episode 3 May Come In A Few Days.

Episode 2Edit

"Sky: Hey News Reporter."

"Reporter: Yes?"

"Sky: Could You Show Me That Sound From The Mic You Found?"

"Reporter: Sure.. but it's just mumbles"

(Sky Plays The Last Recording)

(.... ... Mi.... Si N Co Ple te)

"Sky: Did It Say Mission Complete?"

"Sky: It Was a mission to kill Luke? But why?"

"Max: There Is No Reason Sky. Somethings Fishy"

"Trevor: I Like Where This Is going."

"Camile: TREVOR?"

"Trevor: What? I Can't Help?

"Sky: You Can Help...."

"Trevor: Thanks."

"Darren: Ok None Of Did This Stuff, We May Have Found Clues But Whats Next?"

"Reporter: What Are Those?"

"Sky: MECHTOGAN! And Who are those people?"

"???: We Are The MECHTANIUMS!"

"Sky: Doesn't that sound familiar? So who are you anyway?"

"???: I Am Dell Alchwright!

"Dell: Come My Deezall Army!"

"Trevor: What Is This Armageddon?"

"Sky: Lets Summon Our Own Mechtogan Titan! Come Blazereon Titan!"

"Dell: Then I'll Summon Many Many Darkus Smasheon Mechtogans!"

"Sky: Blazereon Attack!"

(Blazereon Fires Many Laser Blasts And Takes Down The Deezall Army)

"Dell: WHAT! How could he beat an army of deezalls! Alright then... Come Slynix Mechtogan Army!"

"Blazereon: Watch Out These Are One Of The Toughest Mechtogans In Existence."

"Sky: Go Draggy!"

"Draggy: Flare Buster! ( Big Fiery Shocks and A Blazing Beam Hits The Smasheon Army)"

"Dell: How Does He Do That?"

"Camile: Bakugan Brawl! Stand Aquos Mutant Elfin!"

"Trevor: Go Ventus Ravedian!"

"Max/Darren: Darkus Hydranoid And Haos Olifus!"

"Darren: Ability Activate! Dark Blast! (A Dark Sphere Hits Slynix)"

"Max: Your Going Down MechtoGONE! Ability Light Aerial Slash!"

"Trevor: Watch Me Take Down 3, Learn From The Best.."

"Camile: Just Attack Already!"

"Trevor: Solar Sky Blitz!"

"Slynix(3): (Defeated)"

"Trevor: Hah! I'm stronger."

"Camile: Ability Trident Topple!"

"Sky: We Defeated All Your Mechtogan, What Now Dell, Or Should I say DULL!"

"Dell: ARGHH! Come! Miserak! Venexus! Braxion! Rockfist! And Flytris Mechtogan Army!!!!!"

"Sky: How Many Does He Have?"

"Sky: Everyone Lets.. oh.. It's him.."

"Gold: Ability Activate! Omega Tremor!"

"Dell: What? half of my army.. Is defeated?"

"Sky: Combind our strength!"

"Everyone: OK!"

"Sky: Ability Activate!"

"Dell: Go Mechtogan Coredegon,Silent Strike And Vexfist Army!"


"Draggy: Take this! (A Huge Rainbowy Blast Fires at all the mechtogan)"

"Dell: No.. NOOOO!!!!!!! My Huge Mechtogan Army!! DEFEATED!"

"Dell: I WILL BE BAAAACK!!! (Teleports)"

"Sky: We Did It!"

"Trevor: Well I Did Most Of The Work."

"Camile: Ugh.."

"Sky: ITs him! Follow the Hooded guy!

"?????: ...... No..."

"Sky: The Sewer?"

"Camile: I am not going in there!"

"Sky: I'll Give You 10 Dollars."

"Camile: Ok!!!"

(In The Sewers)

"Sky: What Is That A Crocwhirl?"

"?: Hello!"

"Sky: Who are you?"

"?: I Guard this Sewer.. My Name Is Saint Aquas."

"Sky: Can You Help Us Get To That Hooded Man?"

"Saint Aquas: Sure, but if you solve this riddle, Whats Something too Hot to handle?"

"Trevor: Thats Easy, Tea!"

"Sky: Something Hot From The Oven?"

"Camile: Wow... It's A Volcano!"

Saint Aquas: Correct! ok let's go!"

"Sky: Wow I Can't believe camile got it right..."

"Trevor: That Should have been me who solved it..."

  • Will Sky And The Others Catch the hooded person in time? And what's his secret? Find out In episode 3!

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