This Is Episode 1 Of "Project Justice" Expect Episode 1 Possibly On Friday August 7th

Episode 1--------

"Hello, You May Know Me, Im A Hero. They call me.. "Sky" But How Did this start? it's A Big Story, But I'll Tell you, But Just know You've Been Warned....

Skawo1 Presents Project Justice!

"It All Started.. When Some Strange Robot Like Creature Appeared, Some Say They Are Known as Mechtogan.."

"Citizens Screamed, The Mechtogan Sure was a thing to fear."

"Just then.. A missile came out of nowhere.. It was the military, they weren't enough though. The mechtogan then was inraged!

"I Then remembered my partner.. Flare Dragoan we met in the bakugan valley, I guess it was a perfect time to use it.

"I Sended Out Flare Dragoan, Activated the ability Flare Bind And A Beam Of Flame Hit The Mechtogan, But it wasn't enough. I Tried using Dragon Ogre which made dragoan like a meteor and it made a hit."

"We Could aim for it's heart, alright. Ability Blast Core! Arrows of fiery flames burn the mechtogans body and it gets defeated"

"We.... Did. It."

"Ya Know flare dragoan how bout I name you, I have the good name in mind.

"What is it sky?"

"Whoa! You can talk?

"yes, I am from new vestroia,"

"I Have the perfect name.. Draggy.

"Ok I guess."

"We're gonna be good friends"

Project Justice Scene 2Edit

"It Was Saturday.. The weekend."

"I came to visit my friend Luke. He told me to come to his house earlier."


"Where is sky? He said he would be here, hey who's that?"


"What a Kni....!


(Suddenly A Siren Appears)

"Luke Newts Is Dead..."

"Who Could Have.. HEY! Who are you!"

"... (Running)"

"Who was that?"

"We Better Go Move Him STAT!"

"This Isn't a Hospital."

  • Later That Day......

"News Reporter: BREAKING NEWS! Today the residents of the newts Son Luke has been found dead on the floor!"

"Sky: WHAT?"

"New Reporter: We Don't know who did this but before the victim could get away, a policemen took a picture, you can only see a hooded person."

"Sky: Darren......"

"Sky: Draggy Lets Go!"

"Draggy: Ok!"

  • Sky and draggy are heading to Darrens house.

"Sky: Darren!"

"Darren: What Sky?"

"Sky: You Killed Luke!"

"Darren: What Are You Talking about?"

"Sky: You always wear your black jacket and have a hood on most of the time."

"Darren: That wasn't me"

"Hydranoid: Hes Right"

"Sky: Oh Hi Hydranoid, ok But you better not have been lieing.

"Darren: Don't worry I would never do that."

"Sky: Lets Head to Max's House."

"Darren: Alright."

(At Max's House)

"Sky: Hey Max, Do You Know About Lukes death?"

"Max: Yes, Its sad. Hey Check Out My New Bakugan, Its Name Is Olifus"

"Draggy: Hi Olifus."

"Olfius: I've heard of you, your pyrus flare dragoan!"

"Draggy: Yes I Am, but just call me draggy."

"Olfius: Ok. Draggy"


"???: ..... Y .. e s?

"Masked Guy: Good Work. Just keep doing it."

".... K....."

•"After Max And Darren Weren't the victims This started to get Impossible to figure out."

"I Then Headed To The Police To Ask to see the photo."

"The Man Showed Me, A Dull Hooded Person, I noticed A Silver Colot in his robe, His Or Hers Was Ripped. And Also A Redish Dark Symbol. Not Much Evidence But That Would Work."

"Then Right There! I Zoomed The picture on the camera, It Showed A Mechanical Knife Weird..."

"That Company Is.... The Tech Company!"

"Nobody knows where they went..."

"Sky: Lets go back to my house."

"Darren: Ok, cmon max!"

(At Skys House)

"Camile: Sky I thought you were at Darrens house?"

"Sky: I Did.."

"Camile: Come look at the news!"

"Sky: Ok Ok."

"Reporter: Breaking News! more info About Luke Newt's death, It Seems That we have found more info! today we in the residents house we found A Mic, We also heard a familiar voice but it was mostly mumbles."

"Reporter: Anyway. It Looks like a sunny day today."

"Sky: Ok? They just.. Oh..."

"Sky: Guys And Camile.... Let's head to the news place, let's ask the reporter to play the voice."

"Camile: Whatever..."

•Now That Sky Has Found Some Info about the killer who is the masked guy and who killed Luke? Find out in episode 2!

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