"Strength doesn't matter, No matter how strong a Bakugan is, the true Bakugan is always the Victor." (Professor Ganum- Shocking Secrets)

Professor Ganum
First Appearence
Shocking Secrets
Guardian Bakugan:
Gaia Novarion (Nicknamed Gaia)
Battle Suit:

"Professor Ganum" (Pronounced: Gaa-Num) Is a scientist in Bakugan: Sky Warriors (Arc two) he studys the bakugan and comes up with strategies to defeat any bakugan. he also has created weapons like Custom Battle Suits


  • Haos Gaia Novarion (Guardian)
  • Aquos Balista: (Given away)
  • Ventus Worton (Given away)
  • Darkus Kodokor (Given away)
  • Darkus Mutabrid (Given away)
  • Darkus Betadron (Given away)



  • Ganum resembles Professor Clay but much more eviler and smarter, and he brawls.

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