Professor Clay
Typically a villain
No but in some stories
Known For
Spectra and Mira's Father

Professor Clay is Mira and Keith's father. Who is wife was is unknown but she is presumed to be dead, Most anime family fall apart after the mother dies typically but not all as Shun's is still alive an well. Professor Clay is a scientist of some short, probaly a rocket scientist and works for the Vexos. His son Keith became Spectra and was the leader of the Vexos. Whether he knew Spectra was his son Keith or not is unclear. He likes to work and make new Mechanical Bakugan. He made all the Mechanical Bakugan which soem include Farbros(Zenoheld's Bakugan), Dryoid(Hydron's Bakugan), Aluze(Lync's Bakugan) and so forth. He made the BT System and later the Alternative Weapon System. Professor Clay does however appeare to still care for his children.

In most Fan Fictions he is a villian and somethings he brawlers, though in the show he wasn't a brawler.


Bakugan: Planet Takedown! Professor Clay roll is unknown

Bakugan: Insos Invation Professor Clay is a Darkus brawler with a Bakugan called Shiker

Bakugan Mission Grammaton: Professor Clay is given the name "Zack" and he is the Subterra Brawling Operative for the Mephisto Brotherhood. His Guardian Bakugan is Vandarus.

Bakugan: True Evil



Keith Clay

Mira Clay

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