Primal Zephyros is a one of the main villain Bakugan in a few Fanons. Its BakuNano is Flashkor, Its Battle Gear is Lansor, its Mechtogan is Zaiyan and Zaiyan Titan, its Battle Suit is Primados, its fusion is Zythurvion. Its G Power is 1600 Gs


Primal Zephyros is a evolution only to darkus Zephyro's, with evil power, this Bakugan is a tough opponent with mainly all attribute abilitys.

Ability CardsEdit

Yang Iron (Black Metal) (Defensive Ability)

The opponents attack's damage is halved (Ex: -400 Turns into -200)

Diment Taures

Adds 400 Gs to Primal Zephyros


Makes opponent's Gate card is useless

Primal Zaiyan

Adds 700 Gs to Zephyros

Hydro Seeker

Adds 500 Gs to Zephyros, Decreases opponents by 500 Gs

Cyclone-Oko-Mosis (Violent Twister)

Adds 300 Gs to Zephyros, Decreases 50 Gs to opponent every turn But only 3-6 Times.

Inferial Calisym (Blazing Storm)

Adds 400 Gs to Zephyros, Decreases opponents bakugan by 350.

Shinia Reholius Rejendum (Judgement)

Adds 1000 Gs to Zephyros, Decreases opponents by 1000.

Sageus Gensuko Halve (Retribution)

Returns opponents Gs to its original. (Similar to Trap field)

Stealth Magma

Adds 200 Gs to Zephyros

Fusion Ability CardsEdit


Adds 2000 Gs to Zephyros, blasts waves that defeat your bakugan, Unless the opponent has more Gs the ability will not work.

Alpha Hyper Destruction

Adds 1200 Gs to Zephyros, decreases opponents by 1000 Gs.

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