Plasma Chimeriad

Guardian bakugan for maria by moonshardx-d4c6rk9

Maria Kakuzawa
Power Level
1500 Gs (Dimensional Defenders)
Umbra Team
Comes from
New Vestroia

Plasma Chimeriad is Maria Kakuzawa's Guardian Bakugan and a character in Bakugan: Xenodal Saga and Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders.


In battle, Chimeriad is a perfect example of a Pintsized Powerhouse.And, given his young age (let's say he's about the same age as Amazon from Mechtanium Surge, and about just as mature), this can only mean that the guy's hyper as hell.

And he is. He is indeed. Aside from being chronically hyperactive, Chimeriad is also cocky, stubborn and rude. (and by "rude" I mean not the usual jerky rude, but the "Cluster F Bomb" rude)

While battling, Chimeriad shows the extremely competitive and tenacious side of his personality. He is willing to go to great lengths in order to defeat his opponents. Losing a battle can make him sulk for a long time, especially if the opponent does something to intentionally crush his pride.

Despite being bratty and insolent, Chimeriad has a strong sense of justice and hates those who hurt the weak and the defenseless. (Which is probably influenced by his early years as an attribute-less outcast and the time he was forced to spend working for the evil XENODAL organization while misinformed about its true goals and intentions).

Abilities Edit

(Note: These are his Dimensional Defenders abilities, not the Xenodal Saga ones)

1.Quasar Impact - subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent and nullifies their Gate Card

2.Scrapper Charge - transfers 350 Gs from the opponent to Chimeriad

3.Calamity Strike - nullifies the opponent's ability

4.Kaleidoscope - Chimeriad's most unique ability. Instead of affecting the opponent's power level directly, it makes Chimeriad switch places with any Bakugan on the field, so that any abilities previously used against Chimeriad affect the Bakugan Chimeriad switches places with, as well as doubling the effect of the abilities that are being reflected. However, this card can't be used often since it takes a lot out of Chimeriad and overusing it can result in him being incapacitated for the rest of the battle.

5.Steel Soul - subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent

6.Argentum Destroyer - returns the opponent's power level back to their base level

7.Arcane Blazer - adds 400 Gs to Chimeriad

8.Corrosion Buster - the amount of Gs the opponent's Bakugan has received from the last ability they've used is added to Chimeriad's power level.

9.Epsilon Break - adds 200 Gs to Chimeriad (is necessary for the activation of Fusion Ability Warp Trample)

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

Warp Trample - the opponent's power level is added to Chimeriad's current power level (can only be used if Epsilon Break is activated and if the difference of power levels between Chimeriad and his opponent is over 500 Gs)


  • Aside from swearwords, Chimeriad's vocabulary is jam-packed with cultural references
  • He fervently denies being a goody-goody-two-shoes
  • Despite the fact that almost all of Chimeriad's abilities are attack-based, Maria still sticks to her strategy-based style of battling, using Chimeriad's power to confuse the opponent and disrupt their rhythm instead of blindly plowing through the battlefield.

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