Pincer RoxtorEdit

Pincer Roxtor is the guardian Bakugan of Mira Clay in Bakugan Superior Masters. His Ultimate Battle System is Claw Crusher. His power level is 1400 gs


Pincer Roxtor is the evolved form of Roxtor. His body is conpressed with armor plated and his attacks are so powerful his opponents fear him his speed also makes him a worthy adversary in battle.


Bakugan Superior MastersEdit

Ability cardsEdit

  • Wise Terra Scorpion Blast: Transfers 900 gs from the opponent to Roxtor.
  • Indigo Pincer: Doubles Roxtors g power and brings the opponents power level to its base number.
  • Scorpion Hyper Reflector: reflects the opponents ability and doubles Roxtors g power.
  • Opponent render: Brings the opponents power level to its base number and halves it.
  • Terra Pincer: + 900 - 900.
Fusion Ability Cards:Edit
  • Exo Scorpion: Doubles Roxtors Gs and brings Opponents power level to 100 gs( only works with Wise Terra Scorpion Blast).


  • Most of his abilities have to do with bringing the opponents power level to its base level.
  • He still can't speak an understandable language.

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