Paymister is the Subterra Guardian Bakugan of Finn MacCool.


Paymister is extremely loyal to Finn, because he once serves as his father's Bakugan. Paymister is rather quiet but when he does talk, he usually gives advice.


Basicly he looks like an armadillo.


He wasn't born on Gundalia, but somehow found himself on that planet. He became the Guardian Bakugan of the MacCool family, Finn MacCool's father inparticular. He joined the Military and served in the royal guards. By the time the war started, Mr. MacCool had retired a year before and entrusted Paymister to his son. However Finn MacCool wasn't intered in brawlin and more in to learning. Paymister enjoy the quiet days along his his new partner. When Finn MacCool left the Military, Paymister went with him. He had to suffer watching his partner go through Hell and was the one who actually got Diana's attention and asked her to help his partner.

Kingdom of EchoesEdit

Finn MacCool joins the Tournament along with his little group of friends, Paymister goes along with him.


  • Paymister was named after the second Dominant Male of the Toyota Mob. His mama was Miss Lilly The Pink and his papa was Greegan. He was a favoirte meerkat who sadly died of TB in September 2011.


Kingdom of Echoes

Finn MacCool

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