Ninjitsu JaakorEdit

Ninjitsu Jaakor is the guardian Bakugan of Shun Kazami in Bakugan Superior Masters. His Ultimate Battle System is Cyclone Crasher. He has a power level of 1400 gs


Ninjitsu Jaakor Has evolved from Jaakor and his power is unmachable in battle. He uses his massive hands to stop attacks and his strenghth to overwhelm his opponents.


Bakugan Superior MastersEdit

Ability cardsEdit

  • Ninjitsu Break: + 900 gs
  • Winds Of Warriors: + 900 gs
  • Ninjitsu Crasher Fierce Blast: + Transfers 900 gs from the opponent to Ninjitsu Jaakor
  • Fierce Sword Beam Crasher: -900 from opponent and + 1000 to Ninjitsu Jaakor
  • Ultimate Ninjitsu: + 1000
  • Sonic Reflector: reflects the opponents abililty


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