Ninja Bird Brigade [マキナ 十勇士 (Makina Juyushi or Machina Ten Braves)] is Professor Kunagiri's squadron of Ninja birds.

Background StoryEdit

Bakugan are created from the theoretical bond between a Bakugan and a Brawler. When a thirteen-year-old boy named Shun Kazami kissed his Guardian Bakugan, Ventus Storm Skyress, good-bye; it resulted in the birth of the six original Ninja Birds in a distant corner of the dimension.

The birds initially knew only three things - travelling between dimensions, being funny and looking for their "biological father." They ended up in Professor Kunagiri's manor prior to Dallas' arrival.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

The Original Members all resemble Angry Birds and they can fuse like the Mechtavius Destroyer. Their powers are just as destructive as they are hilarious. Only Spinzaku and Skyress can speak human language while everyone else just crows like birds. Ingram can also speak but he muted himself to look like a badass ninja.

Original MembersEdit


Ephitet: Great Memetic Phoenix

Kanji: 大ミームの鳳 スピン雀

Romaji: Daimimu no Ootori Spinzaku

Attribute: Pyrus

Power: Memetic Attacks. Spinzaku is the leader of the brigade.


Ephitet: Obedient Phoenix

Kanji: 大人しいの鳳 フェニックス

Romaji: Otonashi no Ootori Fenikkusu

Attribute: Haos

Power: Ultra Speed.


Ephitet: Underwater Seagull

Kanji: 水中のかもめ ロエル

Romaji: Suichuu no Kamome Roeru

Attribute: Aquos

Power: Bubble ability. Multiplies into three or five.


Ephitet: Crow Obscura

Kanji: 八汰烏 ノワ

Romaji: Yatagarasu Nowa

Attribute: Darkus

Power: Explodes upon contact.


Ephitet: Quake Brambling

Kanji: 震鶏 デイモス

Romaji: Shin Niwatori Deimosu

Attribute: Subterra

Power: Attacks from underground.


Ephitet: Ironic Phoenix

Kanji: 皮肉の鳳 フェロ

Romaji: Hiniku no Otori Fero

Attribute: Fire

Power: Spits fireballs at opponent

Additional MembersEdit

They joined the Ninja Bird Brigade after Kunagiri called out for them from New Vestroia.

Storm Skyress (evolved into Judgment Skyress)

Attribute: Ventus

Power: Functions just like the Great Eagle (Storm Skyress); Fuses with Kunagiri for him to become SIN (Judgment Skyress).

Zeon Hylash

Attribute: Ventus

Shadow Wing

Attribute: Ventus

Master Ingram

Attribute: Ventus

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