Nightmare HydranoidEdit

Nightmare Hydranoid is the guardian Bakugan of Alice Gehabich in Bakugan Superior Masters. His Ultimate Battle System is Shade Hammer. His power level is 1400 gs.


Nightmare Hydranoid is the evoloution of an unknown hydranoid before him. He now has six heads and great power. Most bakugan fear hydranoid but he has a heart of gold and respects alice.


Bakugan Superior MastersEdit

Ability CardsEdit

  • Wave of Darkness: + 900
  • Black Hades: Nullifies opponents Abilities
  • Gazor Destruction: Doubles Gs
  • Nightmare Gazor: Transfers 900 gs from the opponnent to hydranoid
  • Hydranoid Beam: - 900 + 900
  • Gates of Darkness: + 900


  • Hydranoids Ultimate Battle System is the only one that has two different letters at the start of its two names.
  • Its said he has evolved twice before this stage suggesting he has been battling alot since we last saw him.

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