As nearly all of you have seen the show, Bakugan, New Vestroia. Well, here is the story, only it is different from the TV version! Well, it'll make more sense to get to the story and not go on and on. So get ready for...Chapter One


Chapter One, the unknown message

As The Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance and the former brawlers relaxed in Marucho's house, Marucho ran in. Dan looked up and asked, "Something wrong, dude?"

Marucho looked very uncomfortable. "Well, I was checking on the repairs to Bakugan Interspace, but we got a strange glitch."

Keith looked up and asked, "How strange, exactly?"

"Well, it's a message of sorts, to be honest. We managed to get a copy of it on paper." He handed it to Keith, who read it aloud.

"I give this message to the brawlers known as the Resistance. You don't know me and I would have prefered to keep it that way. But, to my liking or not, you must be aware of something of great importance. So, I ask you meet me in the park at exactly 3:00pm. If you do not come by that time, the thing of importance will be wasted and you may end up with a much tougher job. I am not a person who will enjoy waiting. See you then, A.C.S."

Everyone looked at each other. This message had no hint of a threat...but it was so unkown and mysterious.

Alice, who had come to visit her friends for a few weeks, looked nervous as she asked, "Well, what do we do?"

Dan said angrily,"Bet it's from a Vexos, trying to get the Pyrus, Ventus, and Darkess Energies."

"Most likely", Drago agreed.

Shun looked up. "Should we go then?"

They all added things and pondered. Finally, they all agreed to it and would go.

Shun, Ace, Dan, Mira, Baron, and Marucho went ahead. The others, Runo, Alice, and Julie followed. It was 2:55.

But, as they walked carefully into the park, they had no way of knowing that who they met would drastically...


Chapter Two, the girl.

They wondered around the park and split up. Mira went with Runo, Julie, and Alice. Ace, Dan, and Baron made up another team, and Marucho and Shun went on the last.

Mira looked around, the rest of her team at her heels. They had no idea who they were looking for, if it was a boy or girl, or even what he/she looked like. But the good thing was, no one else was in the park. So, everyone looked around.

Suddenly, a calm voice came from behind them. "You're late. It's three-twenty,"

The all whipped around. A girl was leaning on a tree.. She was cute, with a little past shoulder-length raven-colored hair with cherry-red streaks. Her eyes were moon-silver and sparkled with calmness. She was wearring blue jeans capries from Vestel, a black shirt - turtleneck, a green and black Vestel jacket that fell to her hips, black, fingerless gloves, and black boots. A ugly, dirt-brown dog sat near her boot. A dark bakugan sat in her hand.

Mira looked at her and asked, "Who are you?"

The girl looked up. "I'm Alex, Alexis C. Sky."

All four girls looked at each other. Runo said, "Are you the one that sent the message?"

Alex nodded.

Mira then inquired, "Are yopu a Vexos?"

Alex looked disgusted at the thought. "I'd rather jump off a cliff with a backpack full of bricks. But I will give you the information...for a price..." She threw the bakugan and caught it.

The Darkess bakugan said, "I'm game for that. I'm Darkess Shade Hound."

Mira smiled and Wilda said, "I'm game too."

They faced each other said, "Gauntlet...Powerstrike!"

( I'll write more later)

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