Neo in a version of the Dragonoid line and Blackout's ( Team X Fic) Guardian Bakugan.

He was first seen in the battle between Chase and Frostoff during the conversation between Blackout and Frostoff

He was seen again during the battle between Blackout and Jason.

He showed up during the flashback battle of Blackout and the Traitor (Joseph) in wich he uses Particle Riot to defeat Novix Dragonoid.

He was seen in the Great Exodus of Xia wich he defeated Novix Dragonoid with Patricle Riot (For the second time) and sheilded the Xians with Particle Pulse

He will appear again in the battle between Pulse Dragonoid and Novix Dragonoid V.S. Frost Wolfix and Electro Hawkanoid

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