Mylene Pharoah
Vexos Aquos Brawler
Yes a Aquos Brawler
Guardian Bakugan
Was Elico but now is Macubass
Bakugan Trap
Bakugan Battle Gear
Known For
The only Vexos female member

Mylene Pharaoh is the Aquos brawler for the Vexos. Her Bakugan was Elico till he was replaced by Macubass. Her Bakugan Trap is Tripod Theta. She is the only female Vexos member in the show. She didn't like Spectra Phantom . Mylene first appeared when all the Bakugan were captured in the beginning. She battle Marucho but lost the fight. Then she battle Shun and lost again. She was the one who came up with the plan to separate the Resistance. Mylene brawled Ace next and won taking as a prisoner. She and Shadow brawled Baron and Dan in in Beta City but was defeated and the Dimension Controller was destroyed. She then battles with Shadow again in Gamma City this time against Marucho and Shun. She lost again. She then threw out Elico and Brontes, Volt's Bakugan, because they had to much emotion. She recruited Hydron to replace Gus as the new Subterra brawler. Hydron defeated Baron and got the Haos energy. Mylene then went to get the Darkus energy to show up Hydron. Professor Clay gave her a new Mechanical Bakugan called Macubass. She brawled Ace again but lost due to the fact Klaus show up to help. Then she and Lync went ot Earth to find the Resistance. They found Runo and Mira and brawl them. She almost drowned Lync in the process of wining the Subterra Energy. After this she went back to Earth again this time with Shadow. They found Billy and followed him back to Marucho's house where the Resistance was hiding. She and Shadow don't brawl anyone this visit. Then next time she battles is in the palace. Mylene and Volt brawl Shun and Baron. They win and take the Ventus Energy. She seems to be friends with Volt, even though she throw away his beloved Bakugan. Mylene and Shadow got back to Earth and somehow get inside Marucho's house. They capture Mira and have Keith take them to where the Bakugan Data it kept, but Keith tricked them. She brawls Keith and Mira is the Bakugan Interspace with Shadow. They lost and frustrated with the lost she tried to send both Keith and Mira to another dimension, but the Bakugan Interspace shut down trapping everyone. She then went mad and tried to kill Keith with her Gauntlet sword but failed. The Bakugan Interspace began to collapse and Mylene fell away from the other. Shadow grabbed her hand just before she got pulled in which drug him down as well. They were last seen in some kind of dimension still holding on to each other's hand.

Stories Featured InEdit

Bakugan Warriors Mylene hasn't been featured yet.

Bakugan: True Evil




Shadow Prove

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