"Hide your dream in your eyes until tears come falling onto your sullied heart"

- Song: Lacrimosa

Mylene Farrow is the Aquos Brawling Operative of the Mephisto Brotherhood and a member of Subteam Abyss.

Aquos Brawler of the Mephisto Brotherhood

Mephisto Mylene

Mylene Farrow
No information
Mylena Farou
18 (New Vestroia) 23 (Mission Grammaton season 2)
Aquos Brawling Operative, Mephisto Brotherhood; Member of the Vexos Organization (former)
Guardian Bakugan
Icicle Valkyrion

Background StoryEdit

Using the Technology stolen from the Order of Grammaton, the members of the Mephisto Brotherhood were able to open the Aether Dimension (or "Abyssal" as Rengoku Houran calls it) to bring back three ex-Vexos members. These three members of a sub-team called Abyss is forced to fight against their old allies and to further the plight of their new organization. This trio is known as the Subteam Abyss.

Mission GrammatonEdit

Mylene was first encountered by her former ally and rumored lover, Volt Luster. When Mylene asks him what he might be doing, Volt replied that he is the current second-in-command of the Grammaton. Seeing that they are of opposing sides, Mylene laments for a while. She quickly held back her emotions when Genesis Wright arrives to declare a Brawl against Volt if Mylene would be too hesitant to fight him. Genesis dismisses Mylene before his Brawl as she would be too weak to witness Volt's defeat. Mylene returns to the Forbidden Realm to meet up with the other two members of the Subteam Abyss.

Back in the Forbidden Realm, she is supposed to be peacefully reminiscing the events that transpired in the four years after their "deaths" but Shadow kept on laughing in the background. She would normally be annoyed but she had already been hearing the same infernal laughter every single day for more than four years.

Bakugan: Dimensional DefendersEdit

Mylene Farrow was mentioned as the replacement Aquos Brawler which the current Father of the Grammaton recruited in place of Jules Liger who retired from duty. Remembering the sacrifice of Shadow Prove who died protecting her during the final battle against the White Devil; Mylene agreed to help her former Vexos allies.

She, along with Volt Luster and Dr. Marduk are currently taking care of the comatosed former Father. She was also given the evolved form of Jules Liger's second Guardian Bakugan, Aquos Jin, who evolved to Aquos Hakumen.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Mylene's personality is but a shadow of her former prideful and egoistic self. Due to the failed attempt of Keith and Mira to save her from the vaporizing Bakugan Interspace some four years back, she had learned to appreciate the favors that her current and former comrades give her. She retains her extremely aloof and tomboyish personality as she still would not admit that she is in love with Volt.

As for her appearance; this time, she's built around the concept of a succubus. Her clothing also has the Mephisto's signature "lighting blood lines" that emit her Attribute color of Aquos blue.

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